Because it bears repeating, I’ll say it again:

Now let’s get this straight from the jump…this is strictly for lovers of West Coast rap and for those smart enough to know that not everybody needs or wants to hear it.  What I mean by that is, turn this shit off when kids are present or people who are super sensitive about race, class, and the use of the “N” and “B” words.  Now I live alone and usually drive alone so I can listen to wtf I want  to, that may not be your situation.  I don’t want to hear no shit about “how could you listen to this?” Or, “he’s saying bad words Jasmyne.”  Puhlease.  I grew up listening to gangsta rap, I am going to die listening to gangsta rap.  Besides, I keeps it gangsta.  The only difference between my earlier years and now is that I am smart enough to know when to turn it off and how to decipher what’s being said.  I take what I need and leave the rest.  Kind of like some you church going holy sanctified people do.

And in the words of one of my favorite rappers Dj Quik:

Now everybody wants to know the truth about a brother named Quik
I come from the school of the sly, wicked and the slick
A lotta people already know exactly where it’s at
Cause it’s the home of the jackers and the crack
(Compton) Yeah, that’s the name of the hometown
I’m goin down in the town where my name is all around
The suckers just be havin a fit, and that’s a pity
But I ain’t doin nothin but (claimin my city)

With that said, please enjoy a nice compilation from one of Compton’s finest, DJ Quik mixed by Matthew Africa. Holla.  I will definitely be bumping this one.


You can download it for free HERE. (The link leads to Sharebee, a site that offers a bunch of free downloading options.)

Cover + Tracks

1. America’z Most Complete Artist
2. Sweet Black Pussy
3. Loked Out Hood
4. Get At Me
5. Down, Down, Down feat. Suga Free
6. Tonite
7. Pitch In On A Party
8. I Don’t Wanna Party wit U
9. We Still Party
10. Let’s Get Down (Tony Toni Toné)
11. Let Me Know (Hi-C)
12. Up ‘N Da Club (2nd II None)
13. Hand In Hand
14. Black Mercedes feat. Nate Dogg
15. Do I Love Her? feat. Suga Free
16. Don’t Walk Away feat. Suga Free
17. Safe + Sound
18. You’z A Ganxta
19. Dollaz + Sense
20. U Ain’t Fresh! feat. Erick Sermon
21. Til Jesus Comes
22. Tha Truth Is… (Mausberg)
23. Trouble RMX
24. Jus Lyke Compton
25. Trust No Bitch (Penthouse Players Clique)
26. Born & Raised In Compton
27. Summer Breeze
28. So Many Wayz
29. 50 Ways feat. Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men
30. Speed
31. Sex Crymee
32. Ni**az Still Trippin’ feat. Hi-C
33. Smoke II Much (Fixxers)
34. So Good (Fixxers)
35. Can You Work Wit Dat (Fixxers)
36. I Got That Feelin’
37. Me Wanna Rip Your Girl
38. Chocolate Lover feat. Sexy Leroy & the Chocolate Lovelitez
39. One On 1 feat. El DeBarge