The Biggest Lie LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Ever Told Us

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

This is part two of two. To read part one click here.


After this, I’ll probably go into hiding for awhile.

Before I get started let me be clear that I am fully aware of the fact that whenever the name Christopher Dorner is mentioned the naysayers want to automatically discredit him by saying that he was crazy, that he never should’ve been hired, yada yada yada. As the song goes, I’ve heard it all before.

My response to that is Dorner has paid the ultimate price for his actions. He is dead and gone. Now it’s time for the Department to own up to the role it played in creating the environment that gave birth to Christopher Dorner’s rage and the rage that so many other officer’s carry around every single day due to an unfair disciplinary process that favors some over others.

Below through internal LAPD documents that I’ve been able to procure and through reports that the Department has released itself, I will prove that the firing of Dorner wasn’t on the up and up as Chief Charlie Beck, the Office of the Inspector General, and the Los Angeles Police Commission promised us it was.


Did the LAPD know about Sergeant Teresa Evans domestic violence issues and did they purposefully omit that information from the record?

Yes. In a never before publicly released intradepartmental correspondence memo dated October 25, 2007 to the Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigation Division (Captain Jeri Weinstein) from Detective Shelley Gallegos (CF No. 07-004281) on page 5 in the fifth paragraph it says the following:

Dorner stated that he had not had any problems during his probation. He stated that he asked for reintegration training because he believed he was a little behind on some things, but he never had a negative rating.5 Dorner believed that Evans had a lot of things going on in her personal life, and that he believed that Evans was arrested by the Long Beach Police Department for a domestic violence incident.6 Dorner believed that Evans provided false and misleading statements during the UOF investigation, which cause him concern about her character.

6 Gallegos discussed the complaint that arose from the Long Beach incident (CF No. 07-003277) with Captain II Jeri Weinstein, Serial 2433, Commanding Officer, Criminal Investigation Division, who advised that it had no bearing on this complaint.

Why did the Department bury Evan’s domestic violence report?


Did then Officer Teresa Evans provide false and misleading statements during the Use of Force (UOF) investigation?

Yes. In the Los Angeles Police Commission’s own Review of Christopher Dorner’s Termination conducted by the Office of the Inspector General Alex Bustamante and dated June 21, 2013 on page 5 section C reads as follows:

C. Unresolved Issues Regarding the Training Officer’s Credibility

Dorner accused the training officer of writing the portion of the arrest report that discussed the use of force and specifically omitted any reference to kicking the suspect. During the complaint investigation, the training officer denied writing any portion of the arrest report. At the Board of Rights hearing, however, the training officer testified that she did sit at a computer and edit portions of the report because Dorner failed to understand how important it was to be very “specific and detailed” when recounting each and every action during the reported use of force.

The training officer was never questioned during the Board of Rights about the potential disparity between her initial statement during the complaint investigation and her later testimony during the hearing.

In the Use of Force portion of the arrest report, the training officer reported that she approached the arrestee in the planter during the struggle and took control of the arrestee’s “head and neck.”

However, in her subsequent statements during the misconduct investigation and at the Board of Rights, the training officer said that she approached the arrestee to gain control of his arm, with no mention at all of the head and neck.

The training officer was never asked during the Board of Rights to address which account of her actions was accurate, and why the accounts differed.

And even with this admission, the OIG and the Los Angeles Police Commission both signed off on Dorner’s firing as being justified.

No one, the media or otherwise, has ever questioned why the Board of Rights never questioned Evans about her conflicting statements.

This is important because Dorner was being accused of providing false and misleading statements regarding Evans’ use of force during an arrest that occurred on July 28, 2007.

Evans, as documented, made numerous false and misleading statements regarding the misconduct investigation and at the Board of Rights hearing.

Add to that, LAPD policy dictates, “for this or any other police department to maintain the confidence of the public, it must be clear to officers that they are expected, above all, to be consistently honest in their personal and public life.

Their words, not mine.

Sergeant Teresa Evans (and Officer Dominick Fuentes for that matter) at the very least should have been disciplined for providing false and misleading statements to the Long Beach Police Department and the LAPD about their domestic violence incident but they were not.

The question that you and the media need to be asking is why was Evans spared from termination for lying on multiple occasions when it is documented that she provided false and misleading statements?


Did the Department withhold exculpatory evidence from Dorner and his attorney?

Yes. The Department intentionally withheld Sergeant Evan’s Long Beach Police Department report that corroborated Dorner’s statement about Evan’s state of mind and her problems at home. Then the Office of the Inspector General and the Los Angeles Police Commission perpetuated that lie to the public in their Review of Christopher Dorner’s Termination dated June 21, 2013 on page 6 section III:

III. Analysis of the Process

As previously discussed, the OIG reviewed all the documents, records, and transcripts related to Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing. In examining the record, the OIG noted that there were no significant issues with the process. The OIG found no evidence to suggest that the Department did not provide all relevant and potentially exculpatory evidence to Dorner and his attorney.

They found no evidence because as documented above in the intradepartmental correspondence memo dated October 25, 2007, between Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigation Division Captain Jeri Weinstein and Detective Shelley Gallegos, Gallegos was told not to include it because “it had no bearing.”

In laymen’s terms, the evidence, which was the Long Beach Police Department’s report was not admitted because Captain Weinstein told Detective Gallegos not to admit it and those directives were documented in a LAPD memo.

Why did Captain Jeri Weinstein instruct Detective Shelley Gallegos to withhold Evan’s police report and why did she feel it had no bearing?


Did members of Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing have a conflict of interest?

Dorner’s Board of Rights panel consisted of Captain Phillip Tingirides, Captain Justin Eisenberg, and City Attorney Martella.

Captain Phillip Tingirides was and is known throughout the Department to be a very close friend of Sergeant Teresa Evans from when they were both working out of Harbor Division. In fact, the rumor is that they had a sexual relationship.

And while I cannot corroborate the sexual relationship yet, I can say that just the rumors alone should have been enough to have him recused or removed from the panel, but it was not. The fact that they were and are close friends is no secret within the LAPD and that too should have been just cause for his not serving on Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing panel.

Why wasn’t Captain Phillip Tingirides excused from serving on Dorner’s Board of Rights hearing?


So there it is, irrefutable proof that the Los Angeles Police Department conspired against Christopher Dorner by covering up for his training officer Sergeant Teresa Evans.

Does it absolve Dorner of his own crimes? No it does not, but it does shine a glaring light onto the Department’s role into his madness and how unfair and rigged the disciplinary process is.

I want to thank the person who risked their own career to get me the intradepartmental document between Captain Weinstein and Detective Gallegos.

I think it’s now time for the media to come out from under Commander Smith and Chief Beck’s spell. Any rank-and-file cop  will tell you that as long as practices like this are going on within the Department, the issue of Christopher Dorner will never be over. Do you really think that cops won’t ratify a new contract over just salaries and overtime pay?

This biggest lie ever told to the public about the firing of Christopher Dorner was the one where the Chief said with a straight face that “the record is clear that Dorner fabricated allegations against his training officer, and later, against his peers and superiors. The decision to terminate Dorner was sound and just.”

This little Internet blogger just proved, with the help of people in his own Department, that simply was not true.

Private eyes, they’re watching you too and since LAPDgate broke Google has had about 50,000 new email addresses created in the L.A. area.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Pierre Pullins

    Is the L.A. Times reporting any of this? Great job and if you think they’ve tried to hack you’re site file a complaint with FBI. I know…..but file it anyway.

  • An Observer

    This is your big bombshell? You have provided no evidence that Evans or anyone else other than Dorner lied. This is a slanderous piece of work with no regard for the lives of the people involved. It is no wonder you are widely referred to as a blogger. Clearly you are not a journalist, as you have no interest in presenting real facts. You should go into hiding – out of embarassment and shame.

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    Interestingly, you have chosen not to use your illicit Lapd IA contact to obtain Dorner’s failed psych during his background investigation, as well as the complaint investigations in which on separate occasions he physically assaulted two of his classmates. Or the one where he shot himself in the hand off-duty while still in the academy. It might lend some credibility to your writing if you were to present these investigations as well.

  • mrr

    @NoDirtyBirdies – you bring up some interesting items that could use clarification.

    “the Dorner Manifesto” gave some information on an incident of assaulting a classmate or fellow officer. Are you referencing complaint investigation(s) on this known incident or was there another incident not yet publicized?

    What is the “failed psych”?
    I assume its not the psychological testing portion of the LAPD initial hiring process conducted by the Los Angeles City Personnel Dept., because an applicant with a failing result would not move on to the Academy.

    Your effort to locate and provide the footnotes for the items/investigations listed in your comment would be greatly appreciated. No doubt they will help expand our understanding of Dorner and his circumstances.

    However, these items are not required for providing credibility to Ms Cannick’s entry about Dorner’s LAPD Board of Rights Hearing.
    The hearing and Dorner’s subsequent termination was based exclusively on the events of one particular disturbance call and resulting arrest. This involved the actions of Dorner, training officer Sgt. Evans and other LAPD who responded to that particular call.

    As long as Ms. Cannick has included the pertinent information about these individuals as it impacts that particular arrest and subsequent complaint investigation, then her entry stands on its own.

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    If that were true then the DV investigation would not be relevant as well. Evans was cleared by three independent witnesses who observed the incident for which he was fired. Can’t pick and choose relevancy based on agenda…..

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    As far as Dorner’sbackground and complaint history, no details have ever been revealed or addressed. Surely Cannick can access those documents in the same way she did for the other writings on Lapdgate.

  • K.OC

    I like this blog. she did show that the lAPD lied They investigated Dorner so off course he was fired and he is crazy. what about those officers that fired on the truck of the newspaper ladies or the other guy driving a truck. they should all go away for firing into a car attempted murder it breaks their own rules and all rules of firearms shooting when you do not know what your shooting at or whats behind it. great work on this blog

  • The intradepartmental correspondence memo tells the story. Wait! It came from the LAPD, so it must be a lie! But it came from a “reliable confidential LAPD informant.”

  • On The Job

    Keep up the good work Jasmyne, it’s obvious you’ve struck nerves as evident by the twitching and jerking being done behind closed doors in an effort to lessen your credibility…

    “An observer” is most likely a staffer, as that’s what most of those folks (staffers, desk jockeys, pencil pushers, bean counters, etc…) have done their entire careers… observe… as the saying goes… “book smart, street stupid”.

    I dont know if you know this, but the command staff conducted a survey in which they asked every one if they felt the discipline system was unjust or unfair and whether it was applied appropriately at all levels of the department… 99% answered that the system was fair, just and balanced… now…here’s the twist… they were asked in person by their commanding officer (capt or above)… pretty fair survey huh?? 🙂

    Who, in their right mind, would complain about the discipline system when asked by those who would sit in judgment… yeah.

    Kangaroo Court best describes the system of discipline on the job… all the “confidentiality” involved is a joke, as most of those sitting on the board ask their compadres about the accused officer before reading the details of the case. By the time the officers is before the board, the minds of the board members are already made up!! As for the civilian board member…just a puppet controlled by the chairperson of the board. The BOR is a joke…we’ve asked for a civilian panel but their argument is “they’re not cops, they have no idea of what a cop goes through”… really??? Well, from my experience with BORs… we’re no better off with those police impersonators sitting in the BOR now!!

    Do you know that it takes a court order to view the package of a staffer? And it just takes an “OK” to view the personnel package of police officer… I know of people who’s packages become “lighter” just before a BOR (at which the package of the accused is reviewed so that it can weigh in on the minds of the panel)…

    Like I said earlier… Keep up the good work! I’ve got a few more years before I retire, I’ll try to send you some more stuff!!

    And one more thing… watch your six, trust no one, you’ve obviously become a bleep on the staffer’s radar…

  • Bob Jones

    Of course her DV incident at Long Beach, and her lying about it, would be relevant….its simple, if she lied about her arrest by Long Beach PD (which the LAPD later fond out about via the Long Beach PD arrest report) then how can anything she testified to in Dorner’s hearing be credible??? Its been shown that Teresa Evans had officially lied on several occasions about several different things, but wasn’t brought up on the charges. By the way, folks, her lying during an Administrative, Civil, or Criminal hearing would constitute her to be labeled a “Brady Officer”, meaning since she was found to have lied, she could not perform the duties of a police officer. As for the Intradepartmental Memo between Detective Gallegos and Captain Weinstein, I have no doubt it occurred…..I’ve known Weinstein for many, many years, and this is about where her professionalism lies!!!

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    Still waiting for the “proof” Evans lied….Still waiting for the complaint investigations against Dorner to be published here….

  • 1942 transient

    Shut up and get on board the band wagon. Beck has to go!

  • Careful

    Why was he hired if he failed? If he “slipped” through a failed psych, then isn’t reasonable to believe that there are many others like him in your ranks?

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    It may be correct that Beck should step down. The collateral damage to innocent people to facilitate his departure is not okay. Perhaps you would feel differently if you were Evans and her family. They have been through enough.

  • Manda

    I don’t get why people can’t just worry about their own lives. And no one gives a shit about Dorner.

  • tom zebra

    Excellent story. Thank you for your efforts.

  • ghostofrodneykingRIP

    When the truth about the dv came out and weinstein shooing it under the carpet, manda changed her tune. HaHa…. she was worried about dorner and protecting the shameful evans until…….

  • Isayso

    Good job. It supports the facts that LE lie. But, it will never end until the people do something about it. It’s up to us to change the lying governments who have authority over the people. It’s getting so out of control, it’s nearly looked upon as “acceptable” behavior within that industry by those who are supposed to monitor them. Such as “Inspector Generals”. Most people don’t know, all an IG is are a selected “go along to get along” retired law enforcement officer with an AA in criminal justice. Unfortunately our LE today has learned that intimidation and excessive authority will keep streets a bit safer, however, at the cost of innocent citizens.

  • Mark Trombolo

    Some who goes on a killing spree, for being unfairly fired obviously has mental issues.
    Which brings up the bigger issue, that the LAPD is hiring on people with mental issues.

    The LAPD lies and plays favorites?Yes, duh..anyone going into LE unaware of this IMHO is not fit for the job, and is unfit to fight against this type of corruption.
    There are many ethical brave men and women with in the LAPD and all LE agencies, but as usual the few bad apples taint the whole.

  • citizenofla

    Dirty Chief and command staff. All of you! I hope his family sues in civil court soon!.

    Mayor you need to get rid of Beck and hos entire staff!

  • pismopal

    You are exactly correct. A comprehensive mental exam might not have predicted his serial murder spree but if it could not see the tip of the iceberg then all the lamenting about his being fired does not address why he was hired in the first place. The management of the department uses Personnel Division as their personal hit squad and P Division will do or not do, whatever they are told, short of murder. Personnel interviewers..entry and promotional are given instructions..never in suit whoever.

  • pismopal

    Do we need to go thru the affirmative action and what it has done to the police service?

  • pismopal

    You seem to be under the impression that dishonesty is peculiar to law enforcement and other government agencies. You are hugely mistaken my friend. Dishonesty is part of the human condition.

  • discarted

    My lawyer will be in touch with you Daniel Salmon for slandering me maliciously. Tell katman he will be next.

  • tom zebra

    Thanks for making me laugh. I am both good friends and regularly in contact with both of the people you mention. The idea that they would threaten to sue me on a public forum is quite entertaining. By the way bitch, next time try spelling my name right. Good luck.

  • Doug

    This is lame. Evans was the subject of multiple independent reports/investigations. Dorner’s issues do not need a long, dragged-out restatement of what Evans was going through, and all the discipline she faced in her own Complaints/charges. His records should not include a restatement of her employment issues. Even if Dorner knew something about her DV issue, it does not prove he isn’t a liar. It also does not establish that Evans lied about Dorner.

    If you knew how the paper work is handled and how the individual officers’ privacy rights are protected by keeping the details separated out of the reports on other employees, you would not see a conspiracy by LAPD. This who view you have is based on ignorance. Perhaps it’s not your fault. It could be that LAPD officers are feeding this bs to you. Some of them are so “pro officer” that they can’t accept that Dorner deserved to lose his job and that Evans faced serious repercussions independent of anything contained in the files dealing with Dorner.

    Why don’t you get your hands on the Evans file and print that? Well, the answer is that it would make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.