Oh, where to start?

I know, with the folks that claim they don’t usually read my site and that they wouldn’t normally post a comment but felt compelled to do so…blah blah blah.

Save that bullshit for someone else. If you don’t like what I have to say on my website, don’t bring your ass here. It’s as simple as that. I don’t go visiting the sites of people I don’t like only to post a comment on their site about how I don’t like their site and how I don’t usually read it. Now what kind of sense does that make? Believe me when I tell you that you won’t be missed.

Fact: Opinions are like assholes and everybody’s got one. If you don’t like my opinions so much, stop forcing yourself to read my site everyday.

The only validation I need regarding my commentaries is the one I get back from bank in the form of a receipt when I deposit the checks from the newspapers and magazines that publish said commentaries. And to be honest, even if I wasn’t getting published, I’d still write because it’s what I do.

Now onto this HBCU white valedictorian business.

First, reading is fundamental, at least that’s what I was told.

The piece I wrote was less about some white boy graduating from an HBCU as the valedictorian and more about culture bandits stealing our identity.

Fact: I didn’t say that Joshua couldn’t attend an HBCU, I said I couldn’t honestly say that I thought it was okay for him to be the class valedictorian. Reading is fundamental.

For all of the Black folks filled with glee and joy over having a white boy graduate from an HCBU as its valedictorian, handle that and while you’re at it, don’t forget to send in your donation to the United Negro College Fund.

Fact: It’s much easier for some to just resort to calling me a racist than it is to take the time to actually read and analyze what I wrote. Because had the folks hollering I’m a racist done that, they would realize that I am more concerned with what’s going on with the Black students at Morehouse than with the white boy. And that 80 percent of the article I wrote was about how as a Black person I feel my culture is being imitated and duplicated.

Again, I will remind you that this is not a community website. This isn’t www.BlackGayAmerica.com. It’s www.JasmyneCannick.com. If you disagree so much with what I have to say, then start your own blog.

Onto this gay marriage business…

First, to the person who thought it’d be cute to repost an article I wrote on gay marriage and illegal immigration…you’re going to have to come harder than that.

Please. Sure, I could have deleted your comment and banned you from commenting on my site ever again, but for what? I am not that easily threatened or embarrassed. If I can post a photo of myself in a bikini on my site and blog my innermost personal feelings on my body image, weight, and the demise of my relationship, do you really think that calling attention to an article that is already on my website is going to phase me?

Yes, I wrote it and at the time, that’s exactly how I felt. And just like I wrote that piece, I wrote this piece too, but I don’t see you reposting that one.

At the time, I wrote that article, I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture. I hadn’t traveled to Sierra Leone and spent time in conditions that mirror the living situation for many around the world. I also hadn’t come to the conclusion that the white gay majority, or gay mafia as I affectionately refer to them, is never going to get “it.” The “it” being that gay marriage isn’t the only issue that warrants our attention.

I am not above admitting that I made a mistake in how I prioritized the issues at the time. I’d be more embarrassed if today I still looked at life that way.

Thank you, but try again.

Fact: I never said that Black gays don’t support gay marriage. I said that bread and butter issues are just as—if not more, important to a lot of Black gays. And if you don’t believe me, you can go back through my video archives and watch the Black LGBT Presidential Forum. Reading is fundamental.

Fact: The article was less about with Black gays, and more about the image that the media puts out of Blacks when it comes to gay issues. Reading is fundamental.

Fact: I did say that I don’t support the gay marriage movement. And I won’t until the leaders of said movement learn to think outside of West Hollywood and the Castro District and learn to incorporate the East Bay, South L.A., East. L.A., and other communities where minorities live into their movement.

If you as a Black gay person believe that gay marriage is more important than: universal healthcare, affordable education, ending the war in Iraq, adequate and equal funding across the board for all HIV/AIDS programs, fighting homophobia in the Black community, fighting racism against Blacks, fixing our criminal justice system, poverty, rent control, combating gang violence, and access to jobs that pay living wages, well then that’s your choice. But it’s also my choice to label you as a surrogate and some other names that I won’t list here.

If you’re going to come to my website talking shit, trying to clown, and name calling (anonymously at that!), at least get the facts right. I mean, isn’t that the least you can do?

One thing is for sure though, to the haters, you all are going to have to come harder than that…or just don’t come at all.

Check mate.