Ladies, sistas, girlfriend…you don’t have to get it at Victoria’s Secret but you do need to wear a bra.

I popped into one of my spots in Compton to get my Grandma her turkey tacos today and a stud and her girlfriend came in behind me. The stud was big and her breasts even bigger. Except the only problem was they were damn near dragging the floor.

Now look, I think it’s clear I don’t have a problem with my studs…however, just because you want to assume the masculine role and/or dress masculine does not give you license to forgo wearing a bra. You are still Black and most Black women have breasts, it’s just a fact of life. We were blessed in that way. Until you have a breast reduction, if it ain’t an A cup, don’t try it.

This sista was working with at least (and this is being nice because I am sure she was larger) an E cup.

It’s just not cute. In fact, I’d rather you sag your pants and wear a bra than the other way around. And that’s just being real.

And ladies, don’t let your girl go out the house without a bra. If you’re with her, it makes you look just as bad. It doesn’t have to be frilly and shit, for all I care wear a sports bra, but for goodness sake, wear a damn bra!