We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

On the issue of off-duty LAPD Officer Trigger Happy and the teens that trampled on his lawn in Anaheim…

For the record, I don’t like when people walk on my lawn either. What really pisses me off to the highest levels of pisstivity is when folks let their precious dogs take a crap on my lawn and then leave that crap for me to clean up. As I write this, I currently have a problem with a bunch of ragtag kids in desperate need of parenting who think that my lawn is their personal playground. Never once did I think of pulling out a gun or even physically grabbing one of them to make a point about staying off my lawn. That said, I also know better than to live on a direct path for students coming from or going to school–especially a junior or senior high school. But if I did–I’d have sense enough to put up a fence or some sort of barrier to keep folks from walking on my lawn. Which brings me to another point–it was just grass. Grass. If Officer Trigger Happy is willing to pull out a gun and pop one off over some kids walking on his lawn, I have real concerns about how he acts on the job in Los Angeles as a police officer.

Now that doesn’t necessarily excuse the teens because the video didn’t portray them as angels either. Whether the teen in question said he was going “sue” or “shoot” the officer involved is of no consequence. Officer Trigger Happy was the adult in the situation. And not only was he the adult but he was the adult with a badge and gun who is supposed to comport himself with a certain degree of self-control.

But this apparently isn’t his first go around with teens in his neighborhood.

My sources tell me that on September 26, 2015, some juveniles were drinking in Officer Trigger Happy’s driveway. He then allegedly confronted them and claimed one had his hands in his pockets so he drew his gun and called the Anaheim Police Department.

Judging from Officer Trigger Happy’s serial number, he hasn’t been with the Los Angeles Police Department that long.

I’ve spoken to Officer Trigger Happy’s colleagues and honestly, none that I spoke to had anything bad to say about him. Who knows, maybe he was just having a bad day–a bad day that might and quite frankly should cost him his job. I know officers who committed far less atrocities while off-duty and Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck had no problem showing them the door. Officer Trigger Happy should be no different.

While folks are marching through the streets of Anaheim though, they might consider a field trip to 100 W. 1st Street on a Tuesday morning say around 9:30 a.m. Yes, I know they want charges filed by the office of the Orange County District Attorney, but Officer Trigger Happy is also a sworn officer of the Los Angeles Police Department and that makes him one of Chief Beck’s problem children.  He lives in Anaheim but he patrols the streets of Los Angeles.  That part.

And in closing, a note to Officer Trigger Happy–you might want to go on and pack up and move before we have another “Ferguson” on our hands–Officer.