6_guys_img_0594_2 Senwot Nella Productions, LLC, recently announced they’ve found it necessary to pursue legal action against Q Television Network for breach of contract, acting in bad faith and an elevated number of punitive damages.  QTN entered into contract to air Senwot Nella Production’s episodic series, The CLOSET, only to back out of the executed contract and refuse to pay the pending balance.

When asked if race played a role in QTN’s actions, Fitzgerald Vaughn, Senwot Nella Productions, Senior Executive Producer, replied, "What do you think?  The CLOSET was at the time, and perhaps still is, the only show on the network with a predominantly minority cast".

"Mr. Townes and Mr. Allen, along with their legal team, New York based, Cunningham and White, worked diligently with Frank Olsen, President and majority owner of QTN to reach a settlement.  What a joke.  Mistake, mistake, mistake.  In each occurrence, terms would be reached and agreed upon and Mr. Olsen would refuse to place the terms in writing and now he’s refusing to honor the terms of his current contract with Senwot Nella, which is causing this action to take place.", states Mr. Vaughn, he continues, "This really hit Maurice and Kevin from left field.  In the beginning things were great, meetings with Frank were a pleasure.  It wasn’t until Alexis Fish (her title unknown), joined Frank’s team that things begin to spiral downward.  Can you say unprofessional?".

Unfortunately for many vendors and employees, QTN has a history of breaching contracts – both verbal and written.  There are hosts of pending lawsuits against the network.

The CLOSET is a mostly Black, gay series, which brings to life stories that effect our every day living.  It is unclear why, after seeing the series and being flown several time to QTN’s Burbank studio to hold pleasant meetings with Townes and Allen, Olsen signed the contract only to renege several months later. 

According to Vaughn, "at this point, Frank’s reason for reneging is completely irrelevant.  I would think QTN’s actions would be genuine considering they are feverishly trying to grow their fleeing stock, which is currently valued at less than a penny per share".

For additional information about The CLOSET please visit www.thecloset.tv