The Crenshaw Car Wash Teams Up with the Family of Mitrice Richardson for Fundraiser

(L) Michael Richardson, father of Mitrice Richardson, stands with (R) Nuriel “Uri” Zeituni, owner of the famed Crenshaw Car Wash, where a fundraiser will be held Sat. September 11 in Los Angeles

WHEN: Saturday, September 11, 2010
WHERE: Crenshaw Car Wash (4220 Crenshaw @ Stocker Blvd.)

The famed Crenshaw Car Wash is teaming up with the family of Mitrice Richardson for a car wash to raise money for the fund founded in her name.  The body of Mitrice Richardson was found in August in a Malibu Canyon ravine after she disappeared 11 months earlier from the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department.  On Saturday, September 11 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., partial proceeds raised will go towards the Mitrice Richardson fund to aid in the inquiry regarding the 25-year-olds mysterious disappearance and death.

“I am a part of this community,” explains Nuriel “Uri” Zeituni, owner of the Crenshaw Car Wash since 1985.  “I was so moved by the story of Mitrice Richardson that I wanted to try and do something to help the family.  I felt like this was one way I could help give back to the community while offering my condolences.”

“We’re grateful for Uri’s support,” commented Michael Richardson, father of Mitrice Richardson.  “It just goes to show you that my daughter’s murder touched everyone—Blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, men, and women.  Through Mitrice, we are all coming together for a bigger cause, justice.”

The fundraiser will take place on Saturday, September 11 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Crenshaw Car Wash located at 4220 Crenshaw Blvd. in Leimert Park, Los Angeles.   The cost of each car wash is $8.99, vans, trucks, SUVs, limos, and jeeps are $11.99. For more information including purchasing tickets online, please visit or or call (323) 850-4414 or email

Along with the fundraiser, Michael Richardson will lead a walk in remembrance of his daughter on September 16 in Malibu on the eve of the one-year anniversary of Mitrice Richardson’s initial disappearance.

Since 1985, the Crenshaw Car Wash has been an integral part of the Crenshaw Community.  Having been featured in such popular films as “Baby Boy” starring Tyrese Gibson, through its owner Uri Zeituni, the Crenshaw Car Wash proudly continues its tradition of community service as it celebrates its 26th year of business on the Crenshaw strip.

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The Court of Public Opinion

  • Dazz

    This is what our tax money has been paying for.
    Under the official title of “investigation of missing person Mitrice Richardson”
    out tax money has been paying salaries to play a big on-going practical joke
    on the public at large
    on the black community at large
    on the family of Mitrice Richardson
    even more specifically on her father
    therefore a practical joke on black men and black fathers in general.

    This is being written by a white man who has no children and who lives in a mostly white community
    in Los Angeles and who is OUTRAGED over this whole fiasco.

    OUTRAGED that it is being done to hard-working, plain-talking, tax-paying, black folk who live in Los Angeles who never did nothing to deserve the disgusting, heart-breaking hell they are being subjected to for the sick amusement of a certain gang of pschologicaly deranged and socially deviant
    sheriffs while they are cashing paychecks from our tax money to do it.

    The painting on the “wall of the afro ho’s” ain’t even the worst of the KKK love game they played on this poor girl’s daddy.

    The entire Las Vegas thing was a big, funny joke on daddy.

    They located the guy who had once known Mitrice in high school and made him call her family
    and read them the story they had written for him about seeing Mitrice.

    Its all a big joke. HA, HA.

    If you asking me how they could do that, then i will tell you that it takes a lot of ground-work to get to the point of pulling it off. Ground work that our money was paying for.

    There was someone very involved directly with the family in helping to coordinate volunteer search efforts and also recording video for a documentary about the search.

    Oh. Such a nice, helpful white gentleman.

    Mitrice’s mother probably let him see all of her yearbooks and kindergarden drawings and trophies from second grade and barbie dolls she used to play with and everything for his “documentary”.

    Chip Croft is filming and recording and ingratiating himself and gained the mothers confidence enough that there is nothing he couldn’t find out or be allowed to look at just for asking.

    Where is Chip Croft now?

    What is the status on the “documentary”?

    Would anyone have no shame to go suggesting that Baca has all of the video and audio recorded
    for the documentary?

    Yes, I would.

    I would suggest that someone was paying the expenses for Mr. Documentary.

    Sheriff Baca?

    No. Of course Sheriff Baca is not paying for this guy who is acting as his spy inside the family.

    Mr. Documentary is provided as a service to Sheriff Baca by his church.
    The church of scientology.

    Which means that Baca has the name of every single person who Mitrice knew in her entire life and every note the tooth-fairy left under her pillow or santa claus wrote her when she was a little girl.

    Every time she skinned her knee or fell off her bike or got a thank you note for helping the teacher put the chairs away – is in Baca’s file. HA, HA.

    This guy who once took Mitrice to a school dance and now lives in Vegas is identified, researched and is their man. They have L.V. Metro find something on him or put something on him and then contact him with his choice – either get busted and do hard time in the slammer or make one phone call to the family and read the script.

    Do you see how they did it?

    He doesn’t call the authorities, he calls the family and they call the authorities.

    If he ever wants to fessup that he was extorted – he has nothing to help him prove it. Nothing.

    The sheriff already knew that the daddy thought he saw a girl that looked like Mitrice in Vegas months
    before. So this is a big joke on the daddy. Don’t you all get the joke?

    The guy saw Mitrice at the Rio on Father’s Day. HA, HA, HA.

    Then the sheriffs told the daddy she might be working as a PROSTITUTE. HA, HA, HA.

    Of course, she might be working as a prostitute.

    Any missing woman between the age of two and ninety-two MIGHT be working as a prostitute.

    Anything is possible.

    The sheriff needs to call the parents of every single missing or kidnapped girl on their list and tell them the news that she MIGHT be working as a PROSTITUTE.

    Unless it is just a joke on Mitrice daddy, then they don’t have to bother making all those phone calls to other suffering parents.

    What about the eighty sightings in Las Vegas?

    The LAPD spent two weeks working all the shuttle drivers and bartenders and valets in Vegas with Mitrice missing person flyer. They squeezed eighty “possible” sightings out of that.

    Thats all?

    All my tax money they paid themselves for this joke and they only got eighty “possibles”?

    That means the cops padded the timesheet they turned in for the Vegas trip.

    They were even able to make a joke out of identifying the human remains found in Malibu.

    The remains were examined by an anthropologist.

    Oh really?

    Doesn’t an anthropologist work on digging up ancient remains in Africa to research the evolution
    of primates and homo sapiens, etc?

    Why yes, of course that is what an anthropologist does. How else are we going to be able to tell if these bones are from a chimpanzee or Mitrice Richardson? HA, HA, HA, HA, HA.

    Nobody even called the coroner and sheriff to tell them how hilarious they are.

    Even if the newspapers did bust them for the “anthropologist” practical joke –
    Baca could say ” Oh, no- we never said that. We said “forensic pathologist”.
    You guys must have heard us wrong – it was your mistake.

    Then why didn’t you call to correct all the news reports, Sheriff Baca?

    Do you think I have time to read the paper? When you know i am already working overtime
    conducting cover-ups and concocting practical jokes to play on the “n**g* daddy”.

    Here is what it comes down to people:

    This entire “shame” from beginning through to the present moment is based upon
    3 things being true. 3 things being a given. 3 things that you can always count on –
    come rain or shine.

    As a white person who grew up and lives in L.A. and wants to see us rise upwards rather than slide downwards. As a member of this L.A. community who believes in our strength being comprised of all the fair and decent folk who live and work and raise kids here.

    As someone who wishes that I would never, ever have to write this.

    I tell you now that the sheriff started this knowing these 3 things to be true.

    And that where we are today has only proven that he must be right about these
    3 things:

    Niggas Are Ignorant

    Niggas Can’t Never Get Themselves Together On Nothing

    Niggas Don’t Give A Shit About Niggas

  • @ Dazz All I can do is shake my head white brotha because I have said this at least 500 times, but of course without the N word. I will tell you this, every nite it was always that 10% of doubt and I just didn’t want to believe that someone was dumb enough to mess with my child. Well, someone was dumb enough. You’re right they have everything on Mitrice and on me as well and now they’re looking at each other saying, we messed up. You just hang on and keep following Brotha I will make Mitrice case “HerStory” yes “HerStory” watch me work.

  • Mustardseeds

    Dazz, I just read all that you have written and you said a mouthful. All I can say is Wow. It’s so obvious that the Las Vegas tip was a ploy to get Mr. Richardson away from L.A. so they could plant her remains near the site where she was “supposedly” released. I pray as much as I can that the sick bastard(s) that did this to Mitrice is brought to justice. I believe in prayer and I know God is a God who loves justice and the truth will be uncovered. Believe that.

  • Dazz

    Here is a holla to you – mustardseeds.
    Much time and thought and life experience goes into writing my comments.
    Sometimes I wonder if anyone is getting the point or if they care.
    So I thank you for letting me know that you were taking the time to read the whole thing.

    So maybe you decided to check back on this page one more time.
    If you did then you are reading this and i am writing it for you.
    Because you are someone who wants to open his eyes to the truth.
    You are wanting to leave the herd of sheep who don’t think for themselves and just follow the sound of the bell.
    You are to ready to rise above just being a follower.
    You want to rise above and take to the air like a hawk.
    You want to see the big picture.
    You are done being fooled.

    This one is for you – mustardseeds.

    Here goes:

    We have all heard the official story about the call from Geoffrey’s restaurant on Sept. 16, 2009 about the woman acting crazy.
    About the deputies who are sent and try to help Mitrice call her granny to pay the bill.
    They find a baggie of weed in her car.
    The heartless restaurant manager won’t accept granny’s credit card over the phone and makes a citizen arrest and forces the deputies to take Mitrice for booking.


    When the deputies walk into the restaurant is it the first time they have ever been there?

    Does the manager introduce himself for the first time?

    Here is a different way of looking at the story we were told.
    I am not saying that it is what really happened – it is a theory.
    I was not there.
    But I don’t accept the sanitized ( or should I say – whitewashed) version of events.
    I think you and other people are ready to consider my theory.

    Malibu is a small community.
    Geoffreys is located on PCH which is the main road for everything.
    For business.
    For access to enter the subsidiary roads to the residential enclaves.
    It is also State Highway 1.
    At 9:00pm on a weeknight, there isn’t much still open.

    If any of the deputies have worked that beat for a little while at least and if the restaurant manager didn’t just start that week then – THEY ALREADY KNOW EACH OTHER.

    September 16, 2009 isn’t the first time they meet, they are already on a first name basis.

    Also it is possible they are very familiar.
    The deputies use the restaurants bathroom as one of their regular pee-pee stops when on duty.
    The manager extends comps to all the local sheriff’s.
    The sheriffs accept comps even if it is against official policy – because they enjoy a good prime rib just like the next person.
    The restaurant takes care of the deputies and they take care of the restaurant – isn’t that what you would expect.
    Who knows – the deputies might have a big favor coming from the manager.
    Like maybe he has been stopped for DUI after closing and they let him slide.
    Or an angry customer called the sheriff when he was overcharged or his car got dented by the valet – and the sheriff deputy made sure the complaint got filed in the trash.

    This was a planned kidnapping from the word GO!
    The arrest report makes one reference to a third deputy at the scene – deputy McKay.
    We don’t know where he came from or when. He is never mentioned again.

    My theory says he stopped in to use the bathroom and chit-chat and get his free diet Coke.
    He finds out about Mitrice.
    This girl is acting funny and talking crazy.
    And she is a fine, fine sista.
    Who ain’t a regular and ain’t there with no one.

    Deputy McKay knows that one of the other deputies would love an early christmas present to play with.
    But it has to be done by the book. The restaurant has to call it in.

    Listen to the first call to the station.
    Who makes the call?
    It sounds like the hostess calling – means the manager told her to make the call.
    Who answers at the station?

    It doesn’t sound to me like someone who regularly does dispatch as their assignment.

    When he asks where the call is from and what address he sounds like he never heard of Geoffrey’s restaurant before.

    Oh really?

    I think he was already waiting to answer that call and he already knows who will be sent there.

    Those deputies told the manager not to accept the granny’s card over the phone.

    They told him to insist on the citizens arrest.

    They already have the drop bag of dope to use if needed.

    So, how dare i say such a thing when i don’t have any facts and i wasn’t there?

    It is a speculation.

    When a sheriff arrests and impounds and disappears a girl for $89 an meal tab.

    And then hides and hoards and buries all the information.

    And makes it impossible for the family to even get some answers from the deputies or captain or booking video.

    And the head of the dept. himself gets up and says he has reviewed everything and it is all proper, but the family can’t look at it.

    After all that, they have no right to complain about this speculation.

    This is the speculation about what really happened that the sheriff has earned and deserves to get.

    And the burden of proof is on him to present evidence that it is incorrect.