Is the day that I decide I am tired of doing it.

What brought on that statement?  Yesterday, I taped my good friend Michel Martin’s new National Public Radio show “Tell Me More.”  The topic of discussion was a Washington Post article about women in the blogosphere who were receiving sexual and death threats, even to the point that a prominent tech blogger shut her blog down for fear of her life.

Now, I may be a lot of things, but I will never be punked into shuting down my blog.  And that’s not a slight against the women who felt they had to.  In their cases, I also believe they feared for their children’s lives as well.

Not the case here.  Most people hide behind their pcs too afraid to actually do much of anything.  Let alone trek down to the hood and stalk me. 

When I defended the life of Tookie Williams before he was executed, boy oh boy, I was public enemy number one here in Los Angeles with conservative whites. And while I received many threats, I am still here today.  The same with Shirley Q. Liquor’s supporters, all that shit they talked and nothing ever happened.

I think that people who do not possess the ability to make rational arguments based on facts and points have no other resort but to use threats of rape and death and racial slurs.  I get them everyday.  But for every, “You Black bitch you’re going to die!”  I get an email saying thank you and preach on.  Go figure?

Click here to hear the segment.