As you know, I have been working with my mentor Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson on his new book The Emerging Black GOP Majority, set for release nationwide September 1.  Below is an excerpt on the chapter dealing with the GOP’s use of moral issues to distract Blacks.

“…As the Republican convention neared that August, there was more confirmation that rising black concern over gay marriage could be a lightening rod political issue for the GOP. The issue of gay marriage pricks several raw nerves.

The greatest insult that many young black males still level against other black young black males is to call them a “queer,” “faggot,” or “pansy.” These grotesque gender slurs almost always provoke hurt and anger.

In a regular season National Basketball Association game in 2001, Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers star, Allen Iverson, enraged at a fan that allegedly shouted racial obscenities at him in a game, mindlessly shouted anti-gay slurs at him. League officials reprimanded and fined Iverson $5,000. That came on the heels of the release of his rap single “40 Bars” that was laced with anti-gay slurs. Iverson later apologized for his antics, but there was no organized outcry or protest from blacks over his action.

That was the case when former street thug and hip-hop and film star 50 Cent told a Playboy Magazine interviewer, ‘I ain’t into faggots’…”

Excerpt taken from the new book The Emerging Black GOP Majority by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

The Emerging Black GOP Majority is the best analyses of the GOP’s move on Black America that has ever been written.  Hutchinson did not shy away from addressing difficult but critical issues, including the failure of the Democratic party to keep its word to Blacks and gays for the matter.  This is one the first books by a non-gay Black to accurately address gay civil rights in the Black community and acknowledge the strides that Black gays have made in combating the issue in both Black America and white gay America.  I highly recommend this book as a good read for anyone interested in the political future of Blacks in America.