The Many Faces of Charles Knipp

The Good

It’s no surprise to me that hours after the Factory Nightclub in West Hollywood cancelled the upcoming performance Charles Knipp, a white gay man who likes to dress up in blackface and falsely impersonate Black women as his character Shirley Q. Liquor, that he decided to strike back.

The Bad

While sitting in front of the Factory on Friday evening (in the offset chance that anyone still showed up to protest), my phone began to ring and I began receiving weird racist and obnoxious phone calls from angry men, dare I say men that sounded “white and gay.”

The calls ranged from “Why do you hate free speech so much?” to “You’re going to die you nigger bitch!”  And this kept up all weekend.

So what happened?

The Ugly

Obviously angry at the revenue lost after having to return the money from a sold out performance that wasn’t going take place, Knipp and his pals decided that they would post my personal contact information up on their website with the addendum for their people to call me if they were upset that Charles Knipp wasn’t coming to L.A.

I’m sure when they did it that they thought is was funny and would really piss me off, but they were wrong.  It wasn’t funny and it didn’t piss me off.  First, all of my incoming calls are free.  Second, cell phone calls are traceable.  And third, I had no problems alerting the appropriate officials to what was going on.

What was amazing to me was that, this crowd of people, who was supposed to be so anti-racist, said some of the most racist things to me when I answered the phone.  Go figure?

It was also very obvious to me that the national boycott of Charles Knipp was working.  Within minutes of announcing the national boycott, Knipp removed the list of upcoming shows from his website.  Although it’s no secret that he’s scheduled to perform on New Orleans at the Bourbon Pub and in Hartford at the Chez EST, it’s clear that the threat of future cancelled shows is a problem for him, no matter what he purports in his emails to me.

Well he better get used to it.  Not only are we going after his shows, but we are also going after American Comedy Network which syndicated his racist comedy clips to hundreds of radio stations around the country.

By them taking such drastic measures to put my phone number up on their website only tells me one thing, that what we are doing is working and that’s the only thing that they could think of to do to strike back.

Check back later today as I am working on a very detailed list of how to shut this act down for good.  I’ve been notified that people in New Orleans and Hartford have begun to organize and protest the shows upcoming booking.  With any luck we’ll be reporting the cancellation of yet two more shows in the very near future.

Now remember, if anything happens to me you can start the investigation in Lexington, Kentucky.


P.S. How to Reach Charles Knipp…
Rev. F. Charles “Chuck” Knipp
(228) 313-3384
(859) 263-1097