Earlier this week I posted a blurb about fellow blogger Bernie Tarver’s blog on the Chicago Department of Public Health’s newly released report on the latest rate of syphilis and HIV infections.

Apparently, the report was a follow-up to an investigation they conducted into the unsafe sexual practices conducted by FlavaWorks, operators of the Internet website CocoDorm.com, where young gay Black and Latin men engage in sexual acts for the enjoyment of viewers who pay a membership fee to watch.

Well tonight in South Florida on NBC 6, reporter Jeff Burnside will discuss a house in a neighborhood that features Black and Latino men who have sex with men for money (Click here for the preview).

Also, since posting my initial blog on the Chicago Department of Public Heath’s report, the powers at be over at Flavaworks have begun to try and legally make me remove the information and from what I hear, they’re doing it to everyone who references the report and Flavaworks.

I know people, even here in Los Angeles, that throw sex parties for men.  These parties are highly attended and often involve unsafe sex.  The people that give these parties are very much involved in the community and do support financially, but at the same time I have issues with them because I know like they know that HIV and AIDS is still very much an issue for the Black gay male community. 

When we look at HIV and AIDS in our community, we also have to look at the role that we play in it as well.  These parties and the South Florida houses of the world, are just as much to blame in the spreading of HIV in our community as is the government’s lack of adequate funding for prevention efforts.

There’s a lot of money to be made in sex, and gay male sex at that.  But what’s the cost? Our lives?  And I am posing the question because like I said, I know people who thrown these types of parties here in Los Angeles and while I have never gone, friends of mine have and it bothers me because they’re playing Russian Roulette.

I suspect that like with the down low, the South Florida story tonight may spark a national discussion on the sexual practices of gay men, and we will be right smack dab in the middle of it.  And like with the down low, it will get labeled as a Black thing, when we all know that bath houses from here to Japan, cater to white gay men among others.


Since posting this story this morning several things worth mentioning have happened.

The powers that be over at Flavaworks had Bernie’s blog shutdown and they have now shifted the focus to me and my relationship as a freelance journalist for their magazine. At one time Flavaworks did contact me to publish my op-eds.  So what?  I don’t understand what that has to do with the Chicago Department of Public Health’s report and their other questionable activities.  Money doesn’t equal silence.  I don’t have one issue with Flavaworks publishing my op-ed’s.  In a sea of photos of half naked and naked men, at least for the five or so months they published my articles, their readers got some knowledge to go with that hand job.  As far as I’m concerend, if the KKK had a national magazine and wanted to publish my articles they could as long as they paid me and didn’t edit it anyway.  Like I said, so what.

But what I find even more disturbing is that these people over at Flavaworks think that they can have people’s blogs shutdown just because they write something they don’t like about them.

Over the past year or so, I have written little if anything about Flavaworks and CoCoDorm.com.  I have intentionally kept myself out of it.  But if everytime someone writes something about them that they don’t like and they commence to shutting down websites, fuck it.  We can talk about it.

Because the truth of the matter is that it’s all about sex and not necessarily safe sex.  And the truth is HIV AIDS is still spreading through the Black and Latino gay male community.

Much of the hoopla around this started last year when the Chicago Free Press, a gay newspaper reported that the City of Chicago had placed a cease-and-desist order on the online gay porn site.  They did it because there were by the Chicago Department of Public Health about cases of HIV and other STDs tied to the site’s models.

Fellow blogger Keith Boykin wrote about it then reporting that Christopher Brown, assistant commissioner for HIV/AIDS/STD programs at CDPH, said health officials acted after uncovering “credible” evidence that young black and Latino male models at FlavaWorks.com and possibly CocoBoyz Dorm Room online were HIV-positive and engaging in unsafe sex practices with individuals outside the business.

One thing led to another and the health department became involved in the case last December after HIV service providers called the department to express “concerns that some of their clients could be seen on the website engaging in unsafe sex.” The health department also learned about specific cases of HIV that were linked to the models.

According to Keith’s report, the porn site allowed members to go online and view mostly black and Latino models engaging in sex in a “dorm room” setting that was staged in an apartment in the Lakeview area of Chicago. The site also allowed members to pay a fee to have the models perform specific sex acts.

Keith’s report, like Bernie’s gives much more details information on the going on’s with the CocoBoyz Dorm Room site and even the contact information for the owners.

It will be interesting to see what happens next and who the powers at Flavawork try to silence next.  I told a friend of mine, I wish that they would try and shutdown my website.  I’ve been kind of bored lately and would gladly take them on over.  We have the right to blog about whatever we want, regardless of who doesn’t like it.

Hang in there Bernie.

P.S. To the powers that be at Flavaworks, please know that I know that you are posting all these responses under different names on my site.  Remember, everything can be tracked online and I’ve traced the majority of the comments back to one single person who obviosuly has nothing better to do with his time. I can always make it so that all comments have to come from a verified email address, but please, don’t make me go through all of that.  Just cut the bullshit.