The LAPD Captain and the Missing $10,000

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).

This is part two of three. To read part one, click here.

the action or crime of stealing.
“he was convicted of theft”
synonyms: robbery, stealing, thieving, larceny, thievery, shoplifting, burglary, misappropriation, appropriation, embezzlement;


So I promised you a part two (and three) in the story of the LAPD Captain Who Committed a 484 and here it is.

Before Newton Division Captain Ed Prokop (and Deputy Chief Jose Perez) orchestrated the removal of almost $9,000 illegally from the bank account of the nonprofit organization Newton Police Activities League, $10,000 went missing.

The Wetlands Park (now known as the Jan Perry Wetlands Park) is situated on an old MTA bus yard at the intersection of Slauson and Compton Avenues. It is an urban oasis, education center and passive recreational nature center in the heart of South Los Angeles. I have been there quite a few times and I love it. But I digressed.

Well back in January 2013 the Newton PAL was kicking off a capital campaign to raise funds for the retrofitting of one of the buildings on the property of the Wetlands.

The Newton PAL, along with the LAPD, City of Los Angeles, and Parks and Recreation were all a part of the capital campaign kickoff. Then Newton Captain III Jorge Rodriguez was able to get one of his contacts at State Farm to donate $10,000 to the Newton PAL’s campaign.

The kickoff event was postponed several times, once because of rain and then because of the Christopher Dorner situation.

When the check from State Farm was ready to be presented to the Newton PAL, Rodriguez had just been shipped off to Foothill Division courtesy of Hoopesgate and Prokop had become the Captain III of Newton.

Below is an email from one of the Newton PAL board members announcing that State Farm wanted to present the group with the $10,000 check. Incidentally, it also says that the nonprofit was not welcomed at the station anymore. This was because of their refusal to comply with Prokop and Perez’s demands. Below the email is Prokop’s response.

—–Original Message—–
From: Tammy Santangelo
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 6:00 PM
To: Margarita Verduzco; Sam??? Pena;;; William???? A. Kidston ; Catherine Landeros; Cesar Nunez; Robert Ri’chard
Subject: $10,000 State Farm

Great news everyone!!

Captain Rodriguez’s contact from State Farm would like to present PAL with a $10,000 check. We had planned on doing it at the Wetland’s kick off but due to the weather we had to postpone. They would like to present it to us ASAP.

I will update you all after I confirm a date and inform our advisory board.

Also, I’ve been informed that the board is not welcomed at the station and we can no longer park in the back.

Have a great weekend!


>>> EDWARD PROKOP 2/22/2013 6:48 PM >>>
Great news. You all should be very proud of your accomplishment! As to the second part, that is not the case. Of course you are welcomed in the station. We are a team! I am not sure of where that came from.

To that point I would love to meet with all of you to introduce myself and thank you for your efforts. I will ask Honore Rausch, the Area Secretary, to coordinate with all your schedules to set a meeting for us. I have left a message with Devon and would certainly like all of you there when he presents the check!

Again, thanks for your commitment to the program. Look forward to continuing our partnership.
Take care
Captain E.J. Prokop
Commanding Officer
Newton Patrol Division
Direct (323) 846-6524

For the record, I’m told that Prokop never met with the Newton PAL and as you read in the previous article, with the help of Deputy Chief Perez had the group disassociated from the LAPD.

I’m also told that I need to make mention of the fact that even though Prokop wanted to be a board member and a signer on the Newton PAL’s bank account, he never attended a single Newton PAL board meeting.

According to my sources, Honore Rausch the Area Secretary at Newton called the Newton PAL sometime in February to let them know the check had arrived from State Farm. Unfortunately, by then all of that nastiness had started with Prokop and Perez.

When Perez signed that disassociation letter to the Newton PAL on May 10, 2013, the group still didn’t have the $10,000 check from Prokop. At one point Prokop was supposed to bring the check to City Hall when the group was being presented with commendations but never did.

Newton PAL board with former councilmember Jan Perry and Captain Jorge Rodriguez.

Newton PAL board with former councilmember Jan Perry and Captain Jorge Rodriguez.

The money has never been recovered from Prokop to this day and there is a pending lawsuit as a result of that. All of which is information that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck is fully aware of but as I mentioned to you before, Prokop is still on the job as far as I know and hasn’t been disciplined for this or his other acts of misconduct.

By the way, below is the punishment for being found guilty of theft if you’re an employee of the LAPD:

Page 84 of the City of Los Angeles’ Policies of the Personnel Department manual

I’m still not sure what a proper investigation consists of for the LAPD.  However, I will say that instead of worrying about who I’m talking to, what I know, and where I be (and I said it like that on purpose), they need to conduct a proper investigation into what’s going on with Prokop and the missing $10,000 check. I mean, among other things.

Stay tuned for part three of #Newtongate.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Pierre Pullins

    Is the LA Times covering this $#!+ ? This is an outrage! Do they polygraph their officers?

  • Lakerguy

    So, if this is true? And it may be, it is news to me. All Prokop has to do is first Deny it, and say it’s a baseless claim that he will be “vindicated” on after a full investigation by his friends. Then if he gets caught red handed, all he has to say is he was “Mistaken” by his earlier statements. No harm no foul. Sound about right?

  • moore2317

    Prokop is still on the job and Honore is still his secretary. All of this info is very interesting for certain. I always say, “you never know the people that your work with or what they are capable of doing.”

  • 415 copper

    If Beck gets re elected, if his daughter does not face any any disciplinary action, if prokop or all the other higher ups go Un touched after all this then officers will shut it down! The city will see a dramatic drop in tickets, arrests, and extra patrol especially in the beloved mission areas!!

  • Pio Pio

    Why would the officers penalize the citizens ? They get a pay check to prevent crime, arrest criminals, cite unlicensed drives and ensure they are in the most crime ridden areas. This is just laziness!!!!!!

  • Pio Pio

    No you don’t. Prokop is arrogant and expects to be the next LAPD Commander thanks to his sponsor Rick Jacobs. Make no mistake he was promoted in record time becuase he is a bobble head to the Commad Staff.

  • Another Fine Day in Compton

    The TIMES only investigates what the Catholic Church tells them to. I am just sickened that Stevie Wonder Soboroff and Two Faced Connie Rice have swallowed the kool-aid. Nothing that comes out of the mealy mouthed Gil Garcetti Jr ‘s pie hole surprises me. The more I see how deep the corruption runs, the sadder I get. Please Jasmyn keep up the good work. Rest assured that real police officers are behind you 100%! Remember I come from a department that was disbanded by the mayor for outing his criminal behavior.

  • CityEye

    File a public records document and find out how much the taxpayers paid for Beck to host that book launching party for Connie Rice with wine at HQ. Rank & file can’t get OT or a raise but Charlie takes care of his friends.

    LAPD Charlie Beck Throws Book Party for Connie Rice
    Audit Paysinger’s Ray Charles Jr. Foundation $1 million and see where it went
    Favoritism at his worse with Capt Tingrides and his wife Sgt. Tingrides working same bureau and Capt oversees wife’s cops. It is against dept policy to have husband and wife work so closely together.

  • cutty sark

    Life is capricious. As time goes on, the boundary between right and wrong seems less clear. Certainty belongs to the young, not us any longer. Ambiguity rolls in like a fog and fills this night.

    What do we do with the man who robs a bank to pay for an operation needed to save the life of an innocent child? Do we punish that bank robber differently than another, or not at all?

    Let’s say a parent walks in to find their 2 children(ages 16 and 14) have been playing a dangerous and stupid game and one of the kids is dead? Should they call police right away – knowing the surviving child may be arrested and charged as an adult and thrown into a system not geared for healing and growth, but rather isolation and alienation?
    Is that the justice needed for the child just lost – to destroy the one who is left? If you delay the call and alter the scene – then haven’t you committed a significant crime?

    Can we trust this man – Chief Charlie Beck?
    The position of Chief requires a hundred decisions a day whose ultimate net effect – will it do more good for the individual, the organization, the city…than harm, disappointment and pain – can not be measured right away or even after a month or a year.

    There are very few qualiied to exercise the duties of Chief of LAPD. Even fewer who have any desire to assume a position which is guaranteed to regularly take its pound of flesh from a man who fails as well as the man whose record shows great success.

    Beck is flawed, that’s for sure. WE can toss him aside and get one who is newer, but what are the odds that after 5 years we will agree that we did any better? There will be disappointments with any one who dares take on an impossible task.

    I’m not arguing for Charlie Beck’s top billing to go on. I do think we need a change, We need more than a change. The entire mindset and skillset and concept of the law enforcement organization needs to be unleashed for a centurion transformation.

  • cutty sark

    Do you wan’t to know what happened to the $10,000? Once I tell you, you will never be able to go back to the sweet bliss of not knowing.

    I will tell you what happened to the State Farm check for $10,000.
    And why Captain Prokop and D.C. Perez had to strongarm away control of the Newton PAL.
    And why the Foundation bought the pony and sold it to Metro Mounted Patrol for $6,000.
    And why Charlie Beck asked Councilman Englander to finesse approval to pay $50,000 on an offer of Reward for Information which isn’t going where the Council was told it would go.

    The following is based on publicly available information about real people and real events, Other than that, it is pure speculation:

    Charlie Beck needs that money.
    He needs it for the children of a fallen officer.
    And he needs it to help protect someone who he loves very much who made a mistake. A mistake for which the system has set a punishment which does no one any good and which is effectively a death sentence.
    He needs all that money for those 2 reasons.
    And he is going to need more.

  • cutty sark

    I’m going to tell you about these PAL golf tournaments.
    I will tell you why they are very good.
    And I will tell you why they are very, very bad.

    The PAL golf tournaments are great way to raise funds for programs and activities which the local police station cares about. Especially programs for disadvantaged and at risk local youth. Because the best way to reduce crime is to occupy the minds and time of children with developmentally positive activities. That will reduce the downtime where they risk exposure to the influences which incubate potential criminal behavior.

    Local businesses and civic-minded individuals love the opportunity to contribute to these worthy efforts and mingle on the links with some of the finest people anywhere -those who dedicate their career to the safety of their community.
    That’s the very good part.

    The very, very bad thing about the PAL golf tournaments – they can be used to serve the ulterior motive of individuals whose main endeavour is criminal activity.
    Those who wish to pursue a successful career in the various standard specialties of organized crime understand the value of reducing the risk of arrest and reducing the severity of prosecution if they get arrested.
    The opportunity to participate in an event designed for casual, relaxed meet and mingle with local law enforcement presents an extremely valuable investment.
    People are people wherever you go.
    Its never fun to have to arrest someone who you know from good times together at the golf course.
    Sometimes its very hard to accept that this guy you know as a down-to-earth well-mannered local business owner is actually involved with commercial theft, prostitution rings, narcotics trafficing, you name it. Career organized criminals will exploit their acquaintance with local law enforcement at critical moments in order to save their own butts.
    At the very worst, the skilled sociopath can do personality analysis on individual law enforcement officers and then select targets for ingratiating, plying and eventually corrupting.
    You tell me what better place for meeting your victim then a PAL Golf for Kids Fundraiser Tournament

  • On The Job

    Jasmyne… You need a Facebook page so we can all have a “conversation” in somewhat real-time.

    FB notifies one when someone comments on the post or one’s comment.

    Discussion, sharing of info and ideas will help, not only in exposing the truth, but in verification of the allegations being made!

    Create a Facebook page for these articles…and watch people’s eyes and minds open up!

  • On The Job

    Jasmyne… You need a Facebook page so we can all have a “conversation” in somewhat real-time.

    FB notifies one when someone comments on the post or one’s comment.

    Discussion, sharing of info and ideas will help, not only in exposing the truth, but in verification of the allegations being made!

    Watch people’s eyes and minds open up!

  • CityEye

    You must be a BECK croonie. Fallen Officers’ families get money from the LA Police Memorial Foundation that has millions. Fallen Officers children and families have a lot of people helping them. No way does Beck think of his fallen officers. In fact Beck disrespected the motor officer who was killed at his funeral by wearing the Motor Officer uniform to have a photo op for himself.

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  • cutty sark

    How much money is available for offspring of fallen officer who was conceived out-of-wedlock?
    How much available for underage mother with child of fallen officer who met through PAL?

  • cutty sark

    How much money available to placate child of fallen officer who could file civil suit which seeks deposition of George Beck, Charlie Beck, Wiliam Murphy, others.
    Eventually there is not enough money to placate the yearning of a son/daughter for answers, i.e. the truth.
    There is indeed a time limit for filing a claim against the city, but how does that effect a minor child? When child reaches age 18, he/she may contract with attorney for representation and file suit.

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