The LAPD Sergeant Who Called Black Lives Matter Activists Freaks

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


Since the Los Angeles Police Department’s Internal Affairs division is so worried about who my sources are, I’m going to help them out on this one story only. The source of today’s information is courtesy of Jennifer Waxler of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. Yes, you can thank Ms. Waxler for what you are about to read, lol.

By way of background, I am still in the discovery process phase of my case—a case that I will update you on in another post shortly. As part of a motion filed by my attorney and granted by the Court the City Attorney’s Office was compelled to turn over certain information. That information included a stack of unit logs pertaining to November 26, 2014. November 26th was the date that all hell broke loose in downtown Los Angeles after the LAPD swooped in and started arresting everything with a heartbeat in the vicinity of 6th and Hope Streets during what the Department referred to as the Ferguson Protests or Fergie.

Now while none of the unit logs or anything else for that matter handed over by the City Attorney’s Office had anything whatsoever to do with me or my case—one particular sergeant’s reporting of an incident earned my interest.

Early on the morning of November 26th before the afternoon and evening Ferguson protests got underway, a group of seven Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activists took to the 101 freeway and basically shut it down in the middle of the morning rush hour.

A Sergeant Tavares was the unit leader that morning for a motor unit assigned to assist in the arrest of the activists on the freeway.

According to Sergeant Tavares’ notes on his unit log submitted to his commanding officer and the Department’s chain of command, he was deployed to the 101 freeway at Alvarado Street to assist with the arrest of “7 freeway freaks.”

Ferguson Verdict Unit Log

Those “7 freeway freaks” were Black Lives Matter activists protesting police misconduct, brutality and killings of Black people.

Now I know that many of you may or may not agree with the tactics of what Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activists did that morning—I don’t always agree with the strategies and types of demonstrations carried out by activists either, but that’s neither here nor there.

What is the public supposed to think when this is how police officers openly refer to activists in internal documents? Documents that are themselves subject to review by a chain of command where apparently no one saw anything wrong with Sergeant Tavares’ description of the Black Lives Matter activists. A document that Deputy City Attorney Jennifer Waxler either didn’t read before she handed it over or didn’t find anything wrong with as she is the prosecuting attorney on all of the Black Lives Matter activist’s cases.

Even more troubling is that this document is sent to FEMA to get federal dollars to help cover the cost of having additional officers on the street including overtime pay during unusual occurrences such as riots, large mass demonstration, etc. So yes—the Angelenos are literally paying for police officers like Sergeant Tavares to refer to them as “freeway freaks.”

This is a perfect example of the us vs. them mentality. Everyone who causes the police to respond to a location is not a lowlife and officers shouldn’t be arriving on the scene with negative biases about the people who caused them to be there and if they do they should keep it to themselves.

The fact that this supervisor felt that he could write that on a report and submit it with no repercussions speaks volumes about everyone who received a copy of this report and said nothing about the sergeant’s description of the activists.

This does not reflect the new and improved LAPD that Police Chief Charlie Beck is always going on and on about. This doesn’t add to my warm fuzzy feelings about community relations between the police and the policed. When officers can submit reports unashamedly referring to activists as “freaks” and it’s not caught until after a city attorney turns it over in discovery—Houston Los Angeles we have a problem.

Complaints should be filed against a whole lot of people. I’d start with the sergeant who wrote the description, everyone in the Los Angeles Police Department who received a copy of this unit log and didn’t say anything. I’d file a complaint against the genius in the discovery section of the LAPD that gave the documents to the genius in the City Attorney’s Office who handed over something she either hadn’t read or didn’t see anything wrong with. I mean she is after all the prosecutor on their cases so who knows, maybe she thinks they are “freeway freaks” too.

It’s a clear-cut case of conduct unbecoming and discrimination under the power of authority. I’d probably throw in making rude and discourteous comments, because unlike with Sergeant Jim Parker and actress Daniele Watts—where Watts was the verbally abusive one and not Parker—calling activists “freeway freaks” on an official police activity log is actually both rude, discourteous. I’d add that it’s false and misleading too because I’ve seen no evidence that any of the activists arrested that morning on the freeway were persons, animals, or plants with unusual physical abnormalities—the common definition of a freak.

At any rate, I think that Chief Beck and Sergeant Tavares owe 7 people an apology.  This is exactly the reason why people feel some type of way about the police.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • The American

    Just another example of the behind the camera B.S. That is openly communicated within the confines of each and every publicly owned police facility. The worse part of this is that there is a total lack of respect for the public from the police. The unprofessional nature of what Tavares wrote in his log identifies a problem that continues within the LAPD, which is nobody cares about community relations, members of the public whether they are hard working tax payers or recidivist criminals. Everyone is disregarded as being the same. This log along with other logs and documents certainly contain more insidious remarks that exemplifies the problem with today’s policing mentality all across Anerca which is why people are beginning to organize and mobilize against the police. The Black Lives Matter Movement is really about taking back the control and supervision of the Police, after all THE POLICE WORK FOR US BECAUSE WE PAY THE BILLS!

  • The American

    I hope you continue sifting through the discovery because there are more tasty nuggets contained in them!!! Happy hunting!!!!

  • A good lawyer

    That’s one stupid ass city attorney. She obviously didn’t even bother reading the reports before she gave them to you. Good job!

  • Tony Loro

    There is way more to go after. than one report written by a desk driver with a penchant for rhyme.

  • Ferny Fernandez

    Racism will never end within the police departments or all government agencies.

  • I hope you have Sgt. Tavares on your witness list 🙂

  • The worse part of this is that there is a total lack of respect for the public from the police.

    Very true, and again, this is “culture”. It starts at the top and filters down, which is why this Sgt Tavares was never called out on this misconduct.

  • Tricky Ricky

    How does calling someone a freak make you a racist? When I see a gang member, he is a gang member. When I see a Black Lives Matter person, I see a freak and yes someone that is looking for a lawsuit and a free ride like the most in South Central.

  • NinaG

    Try working (as in being employed as a civilian in the LAPD) with these A-holes…believe me, it’s no picnic!

  • Don’t tell us, you’re LAPD!

  • Citizen

    Although I agree with you… something like that shouldn’t be on an official police document.

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  • ClipperFan

    Those 7 freaks are the same type of people who threaten, verbally assault anyone who doesn’t agree with them at any community meeting. They are the one causing so much chaos in our city and even the black community has had it with them.

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