Villaraigosa1_2Last night L.A.’s newest Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was the guest of honor at a special reception reception funded by Wells Fargo at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

Attended by influential members of the L.A. LGBT community, our new Mayor received a warm and high-spirited round of applause upon entering the room.

For about 30 minutes, the Mayor spoke of his past, current and future commitment to the LGBT community of Los Angeles including HIV/AIDS, fair housing, education employment, and public safety.

I was a bit disappointed to hear no mention of his support of LGBT civil rights as it relates to some of the recent activity within the African American community.

In four days, a Black Los Angeles church will be holding a six-day “Homosexual Crusade” to speak out and against the LGBT community.

Recently, a prominent and wealthy Black pastor was honored by our new Mayor and the City of Los Angeles in spite of his public track record of making derogatory and hurtful statements against the LGBT community.

All of this leaves me a bit confused and on the fence about our new Mayor.

While I did and do support Mayor Villaraigosa, I find myself asking at what cost.

All of the issues that he spoke on last night I am in total agreement with, but as an activist I realize the importance of our civil rights as people and how education, fair housing, employment, HIV/AIDS funding and public safety are all directly connected to that.

Often times elected officials will ask to be judged on their entire track record verses one thing that they did that you didn’t like.

It’s hard for me to do that when I know that signatures are being collected on a ballot to deny me of my civil rights and people from my own community are aggressively organizing me.

I need my Mayor to be proactive and not reactive.

If Los Angeles is a city for all people, then I need to see that.

We cannot tolerate or support people who are not in accordance with that creed, which includes honoring wealthy pastors for their commitment to the community when they preach hatred and intolerance of those the City claims to support.

A bright spot in the evening was the announcement of the Mayoral LGBT Community Advisory Board, a first for Los Angeles.

Thank you Antonio.

That is a step in the right direction.  Hopefully this new board will be able to keep the office of the Mayor updated with the goings on in Los Angeles’ LGBT community from the South side to the North side, the East and the West, in all communities, even those of color which continue to be ignored or overlooked.

I don’t expect LGBT issues to be number one for the City of Los Angeles, but I do expect it to be on that list of issues.

Please don’t let us down Mayor Villaraigosa.