Have you ever been butt naked and gotten in the bed with your lover, FWB, and/or FB only to realize that they weren’t exactly as naked as you? Meaning, they still had on their socks.

True story. One night me and my ex ex ex went to bed…butt naked…both of us. As soon as we get all cuddled up in the bed, she turns to me and says, “Babe, why do you have your socks on still?” I look up and say in the driest voice I can muster up, “I don’t.”

Well those days are ovah!

I just happened to be in my neighborhood Walgreen’s and on display before my very own eyes was the cure to getting rid of the sandpaper I call skin on the bottom of my feet. The Ped Egg. Uh huh. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and even though I haven’t had anyone to test it out on, I must say that when I rub my feet against myself at night, yeah, they feel good. Good and smooth.

For all of ya’ll that have sandpaper for skin on the bottom of your feet and can’t get to the pedicurist as often as you like, or when a FWB or FB “opportunity” suddenly arrives, just like a condom, clean sheets, and incense, don’t get caught without it.

I’m just saying…get your Ped Egg.

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