Kristi, Taj, and Me

I just got back from attending tonight’s Grand Performances at California Plaza. All I can say is it was hot, literally. Grand Performances are free outdoor concerts in Pershing Square in downtown. I am so glad I went because it was like 90 degrees and my house was a sauna, so hanging outside chillin with good company and good music was a great start to the weekend. It could have been better if the clerk at Ralph’s would have sold me my single Smirnoff Ice instead of insisting I had to buy a six pack—which I did not want to do, but I  won’t hold that against her.  Tonight’s performance was awesome, Sela Kuti and Egypt 80.  Sean is the  youngest son of Nigerian world music icon Fela Kuti.  Afrobeat for free in the heat.  Like I said hot!  Oh and the icing on the cake—I dumped the pump and took the train there.  Sweet!

Photo – DJ Kristi Lomax, Talented Tajamika, and me.