The Search for Christopher Dorner vs. Henry Solis

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We’re not against the police. We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


I had originally wrote this as a random thought on my Facebook page but later decided it warranted posting to my blog.

When Christopher Dorner became an armed and dangerous fugitive the LAPD spared no personnel in finding him and didn’t care if where they were searching for him was LAPD territory or another law enforcement agency’s jurisdiction. Remember that Torrance incident? Anyway, the same can’t be said in the search for recently fired LAPD cop Henry Solis. This man is wanted for murder in Pomona and it’s like business as usual, even with the media who seems to barely be reporting on the fact that there is a police officer on the run wanted for committing a murder. What’s that all about?  I mean one could argue that both the news media and the LAPD put more effort into Sunday’s South L.A. shooting on 65th and Broadway–which by the way yielded nothing more than a few folks be detained and released.

Now granted Dorner was wanted for targeting his fellow colleagues and their families, but this Solis guy shot a man on the street and took off and I am sure the vic’s family feels that their loved ones life is just as important as any cops or relative’s of cops lives. Not to mention the fact that Solis probably used one of his duty weapons to commit the murder—hopefully not the city issued one because that could be even more problematic.

If nothing changes, Friday will be one whole week this guy has been on the lam and the only thing that’s been found is his car and it was literally parked four blocks away from the scene of the crime. So either he’s that good or the Los Angeles and the Pomona police departments aren’t.

Firing Solis doesn’t absolve the LAPD of having anything to do with what happened. Solis was a Los Angeles police officer when he committed the murder. The fact that he’s been fired since then is a minor detail and was quite frankly expected.

So what’s the difference?

The Court of Public Opinion

  • nothingheretosee

    there are many reasons but i will keep it simple for ease of readership.
    a. dorner was a racist calculating narcissistic spree killer who posed an ongoing threat to law enforcement and the public. he continued his attacks on innocent persons not involved in his delusional vendetta. this warranted the response taken by law enforcement.
    b. solis allegedly involved in an isolated incident. federal, state and local law enforcement are currently working full time to apprehend him.
    that is the difference. stop stirring the racial pot.

  • The Truth

    Very well put, nothingheretosee….As for the Newton PCU blog you wrote, you got that totally wrong too…I give you credit for some of your blogs, cause your spot on…But get your facts straight before your fingers start hitting the keyboard!!!

  • Pork Skin

    A regular citizen got killed by a Pig so the cops won’t be looking for him that eagerly and drastically. Only when a pig gets shot or killed then a man-hunt goes underway. In Dorner’ s case,he was not a racist. Dorner spoke the truth about cover ups in the LAPD in which the pigs didn’t want anyone to know about.

  • nothingheretosee

    always interesting when individuals who did not know dorner or have firsthand knowledge of the situation render an opinion about his character and/or motivations.

  • robizzle

    Not siding with dorner or any police agency but how do you know he was not lying. Maybe he just sucked as a cop and got pissed because they were riding his ass hard? If you have some inside Intel let us know 🙂 I’m curious.

  • Citizen

    Jasmyne you are one dumb bitch. The difference? The difference is that Dorner was systematically assassinating innocent people. That’s a BIG difference from a dumb ass rookie cop who decided to end his career by making the biggest mistake of his life.

  • Guest

    Dorner started by killing two non-“pigs”, and Asian woman and a black man. He posted a rant indicating he was going to kill more people. He also waited two weeks to report the alleged incident with his training officer, AFTER he learned she was going to give him an unsatisfactory rating. It’s a classic coward’s move in the LAPD: Hit him before he hits you.

  • SurfPuppy619

    Jasmyne you are one dumb bitch
    You ruined a decent comment at the get go…

  • SurfPuppy619

    Well Columbo, we know Dorner was not lying because NO ROOKIE cop is going to make up a lie about use of excessive force against a superior, ever. There is no upside, and the downside can be catastrophic, we Dorner found out. Compare Dorner’s “alleged” misconduct to Shaun Hillman’s CONFIRMED criminal acts, where Hillman was not only not fired, he was not even charged, and it is pretty clear the system is corrupted.

  • Citizen

    I’m calling it like I see it.

  • nothingheretosee

    sp619 i can tell u for an absolute fact he lied. u did not know him and were not involved in the incident so save your opinion about what u “know” for things for which u have direct knowledge.

  • SurfPuppy619

    LOL…stop h8ting.

  • SurfPuppy619

    LOL…yes, as compared to an anonymous commenter named nothigheretosee who claims to know everything about everyone….Thanks champ.

  • discarted

    Actually, Dorner was targeting police and people connected to them. On the other hand, It was the police who were actually shooting innocent people and endangering taxpayers lives with their recklessness and stupidity.