R. Kelly’s raunchy videotape that allegedly shows him having sex with a 14 year-old girl is in.  The judge overseeing the trial upheld his earlier ruling to allow the media and public to see the videotape even though the prosecutors object saying that it will re-victimize the girl.

Now I’m not sure where the prosecution has been but I can tell you that tape has already been seen.  In fact, I was once offered a chance to buy it on the street in Los Angeles so you know it’s getting around, not to mention the Internet where’s it’s been emailed to me more times than I care to recall.

So just to recap, because it’s been five years, R. “I’m A Flirt” Kelly is headed to trial next month in Chicago on 14 counts of child pornography.  He’s plead not guilty.  This is the same R. Kelly that married a 15 year-old “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number” Aaliyah (RIP).  I wonder if the prosecution can use that against Kelly to show that he has a thing for young underage girls?

The girl in the video is saying that it’s not her and won’t cooperate with the prosecution. However, the girl’s relatives and a friend are will to testify that it is her.  Now that’s going to be drama on top of drama.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly’s music continues to be played from coast to coast and his alleged pedophilia hasn’t stopped his albums from going platinum.  I wonder if that’s going to change if he’s found guilty.  Probably not.  We like to “step, step from side to side” too much.  But in the offset chance that he is found guilty, Kelly is facing up to 15 years in prison and will probably be singing a different tune, if you know what I mean.

On Monday morning, I did a local radio show where we discussed Black people’s love of R. Kelly and willingness to overlook his alleged pedophilia, and man, let me tell you, we can really mae excuses for people when we want to.  From, it’s the girl’s fault for dressing to provocative to older women just don’t keep themselves up, I heard some doozies.

The bottom line is that R. Kelly should not be platinum.  Until he’s acquitted of all charges, there should be a consumer boycott of R. Kelly’s albums and concerts.  Ain’t no song that damn good that you can overlook a grown ass man having sex with a child.  Bottom line.  I don’t care if she wanted it, asked for it, paid for it, or begged for it.  Rule number one, leave the babies alone.  She was still a minor and I don’t care how good her game was or how she looked, we know when we’re talking to a child.  And what does it really say about R. Kelly?  I mean he already married a teenager and now this and let’s be real, there are  adult groupies out there that would spread eagle for some of his “Honey Love.” 

I think R. Kelly has a thing for children and that’s a fact that Black people are going to have to face as we approach this trial and the truth comes out.  But in the mean time, we need to lay off the steppin’ and think about the message we are sending by continuing to support his music.  If that’s too hard for you, ask your self this: would you let R. Kelly baby-sit your minor daughter?  If you would, stop right here and go no further, because this website isn’t for you.  You might want to try self-proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan’s site.