The Three LAPDs

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


There are at least three different Los Angeles Police Departments.

The first is the LAPD that the powerful, privileged, and connected experience.

This is the LAPD of the Beck’s and the Hillman’s.  This is the LAPD in which their contacts with the disciplinary system are rare and purely pro forma.  This is the LAPD in which members are mentored from their earliest days on the Department, the LAPD in which patrol is simply a brief and necessary evil before they can move on to bigger and better things like specialized units and administrative positions.  Promotions are swift and certain.  Occasional stops are made in patrol as they promote but the stops are brief and more often theoretical than actual with the privileged being “assigned” to patrol but “loaned” elsewhere.  This is the LAPD in which members who have the least knowledge and experience of police work are tasked with making the biggest, most important, and most critical decisions.

The second LAPD is the corrupt and oppressive organization that most cops, the majority of cops, experience.  Work is a daily grind.  Their careers consist of patrol, patrol, and more patrol.   They work nights, weekends, and holidays.  Their contacts with the disciplinary system are harsh, prolonged, and include a presumption of guilt.  Their chances of working specialized units are low and tend to come late in their careers.  Promotions are few and hard earned.  They have no name recognition in promotional boards, no connections, to make certain that they receive high scores.

The third LAPD is the idealized LAPD.  This is the LAPD of Dragnet and Adam-12.  It is the LAPD where the organization’s motto, mission statement, core values, and management principles are important.  It is the LAPD of equality.  It is the LAPD that is free of corruption.  It is the LAPD in which promotions are based purely upon ability.  In many ways, this last LAPD is an idealized LAPD, a pipe dream of sorts.  Nonetheless, this is the LAPD to which most of the rank-and-file are loyal.  It is the LAPD that many have been striving to bring about for most of their careers, and is the reason why they are speaking out now.

This last LAPD is the one to which the rank and file are loyal.  They may not be able to fully articulate this but it is, nonetheless, true.  And, it is why so many of them become so angry when they feel their LAPD is being hijacked by a corrupt command staff and being used for corrupt ends.   Hence, LAPDgate.

I suspect that this was the LAPD to which Christopher Dorner felt loyal and the LAPD which he was hoping to bring into existence.

Which one do you want running our city?





The Court of Public Opinion

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    Dorner was a mentally disturbed murderer who fell through the bureaucratic cracks. You insult all the honest, dedicated hardworking officers when you dare include him in our ranks. Do not attempt to speak for us, of which you know nothing.

  • That’s your opinion and I have mine. Since you are so opinionated, why not start your own blog?

  • That’s your opinion and I have mine. Since you are so opinionated, why not start your own blog? All you do is come onto my site and hate.

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    No hate, just an interest in the WHOLE truth, including Dorner’s background and history. Alot of people are wondering why you refuse to reveal that.

  • 20yearsinpatrol

    You must have some great snitches within the Department….you really have told it like it is.

  • Lakerguy

    Put Dorner aside. There are 100’s of cops maybe a 1000 that have first hand accounts of LAPD’s discipline system. Some of them received millions of dollars, others just went away, others just took their demotions and went back to patrol. As for the connected Officers, Sgt’s, LT’s Capt’s etc nothing, a slap, maybe a promotion. The problem here is everyone knows about it. It now looks like the public will now.

  • someone who actually knows the

    You almost had me until you started bashing patrol officers who happen to be the backbone of the Department. Then you completely lost me when you brought up Dorner who was not fit for police work to begin with. He came on with an agenda to exploit and exagerate to his own advantage. Not in the publics best interest as evident by his actions all the way to the end. The LAPD has had other “Dorner” types who want to play victim when they are disciplined or are about to be fired because they aren’t cut out for police work. There are a lot of good police officers out there who have their hearts and minds in the right place. Yes there are corrupt police officers just as there are corrupt people every where and in every private organization. After all, police are chosen from amongst the public. Don’t believe everything you hear and read in the media. Get the facts from people on the inside who really know what’s going on.

  • cutty sark

    We should have a forum for introducing and discussing the whole truth, including Dorner’s background and history and the actual evidence of his involvement in the murders and crimes which have been blamed on him, including evidence of involvement by other parties and evidence of conflict-of-interest by supposed objective parties trusted to assemble, review and draw conclusions which have been fed to the news media and the public

  • cutty sark

    There is another LAPD which should not get overlooked. You can call it the 4th LAPD or the 5th or the 25th or whatever, but its proper functioning is critical to the administration of justice and maintaining a lawful, orderly society.

    There are crimes which have been properly solved through dedicated, diligent and professional investigation by LAPD detectives.

    There are cases which suffered from insufficient and unsatisfactory investigation by LAPD detectives.

    And then there are detectives who specialize in whitewashing tainted evidence, coercing witness testimony, concealing exculpatory evidence and misleading prosecutors, judges and juries in order to frame a suspect to the satisfaction of narcissistic politicians, a comatose news media and a bloodthirsty, yet apathetic public.

    Lo and behold, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck personally tied the knot on a fake investigation done by a fake detective and collected $50,000 from a Police Commission and City Council both asleep and derelict in their duties.

  • Follies at 10

    Too bad you can’t back up any of your yellow journalism with facts. Keep being a race-baiting dipshit. I’m sure your heroes Jesse Jackson, Marion Barry, Louie Farrakhan and Al Sharpton will come with job offers soon. Dumbass.

  • tom

    Keep digging Jasmyne. You are doing great exposing the troubles within the department.

  • ChilliMe he repositions himself to be able to beat her better. an RN the one who helps PD when wounded.
    The list goes on and on and on… Serious concerns, I am very concerned and still move to have a civilian task force police the police. No favoritism no condoning of violence, and if all goes well an end to the nightmare that is the LAPD.

  • NoDirtyBirdies

    We are all fed with command staff. I get it. As police officers we need to be cautious about cheering on the leaking of our personnel files, including information on the minor children of cops. And these cops are just regular patrol officers and sergeants. If the person leaking this information is willing to risk the lives of our kids to get their point across, then be careful, the next file they give up might be yours. Beware of wolves.

  • On The Job

    Jasmyne… You need a Facebook page so we can all have a “conversation” in somewhat real-time.

    FB notifies one when someone comments on the post or one’s comment.

    Discussion, sharing of info and ideas will help, not only in exposing the truth, but in verification of the allegations being made!

    Create a FB page for these articles…and watch people’s eyes and minds open up!

  • On The Job

    You seem to “know” the TRUTH about Dorner, share it with us and enlighten us on the man… If you can prove all you said about Dorner with facts, then do so.

    Share that background and history with us, but not just with words, but with documents.

    I know someone who went through reintegration training with him before all that happened, and he tells of a completely different person than the one the LAPD staff talks about.

    I have several friends who’ve lost their job to the BOR Kangaroo Court… And while most cops (victims of the corrupt BOR system) turn the guns on themselves, there are thousands of Christopher Dorner time bombs in the making via the BOR system… dont be surprised if some psychologist in the near future decides to give a name to the frustration and expression of such frustration suffered by many under the BOR system… CDS or Christopher Dorner Syndrome.

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