Our presidential candidate Barack Obama has won Wisconsin!  I know, I could hardly contain my glee when the message was texted to me as I sat in a meeting.  In fact, I was so stricken with joy, I took out a blank sheet of paper and wrote down that Obama had won Wisconsin passed it to the person on my right who passed it to the person on their right and so forth.  Lol.

With Wisconsin and his home state of Hawaii, Obama has won ten in a row following the big Super Tuesday primary two weeks ago.

And we all know who does and does not live in Wisconsin, hence the title of this post. 

According to the Washington Post, with 99 percent of the precincts in Wisconsin reporting, Obama had
about 58 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 41 percent. Aides to Clinton
said she called Obama to congratulate him after the outcome became

In the Hawaii caucuses, with all precincts reporting, Obama had
received roughly 76 percent of the vote, to 24 percent for Clinton.

I was on the Diana Cage Show last night on Sirius Satellite Radio discussing Obama’s victory.  Diana, the host, tried to go route that Obama won because people were voting against Clinton rather than voting for Obama.  Uh uh, not buying it.  In my opinion that’s how people try to down play Obama’s victories as if they aren’t his to claim and that he didn’t earn them.   Obama is winning because he is the candidate of choice for Democrats white, Black, Latino, poor, middle class, uneducated, educated, young, old, male, and female. Plain and simple.  If Hillary had won 9 in row, there wouldn’t be that rhetoric of she won because they were voting against Obama.  It’d be, she won because Democrats choose her.  Give the man his proper respect.

I get so sick of the media and Clinton supporters trying to minimize Obama’s victories as if they aren’t his to claim.  As if he hasn’t clearly articulated is plans for a New America.  As if he hasn’t managed to touch voters from state to state with his message of change and hope.

Like I told Diana, we’ll welcome all of Clinton’s supporters into the Obama camp with open arms when the time comes…which should be any day now by the looks of things, possibly March 5 with any luck.

Go Obama!