To Vaccinate or Not

Okay so with the latest addition of obese people to L.A. County’s list of approved people who can get the H1N1 vaccination, I am now eligible for the H1N1 flu shot.

Now before you fire off an email saying “Jasmyne, you’re not obese,” pump your brakes.  According to their standards, at 5’6″ and 170 pounds, I am obese. And since I don’t have kids, am not a kid, and don’t work with kids, this is my only chance to get the vaccination.

So to vaccinate or not is the question.

Now I am not a conspiracy theorist…usually…but something tells me that this is one vaccination I can probably do without.  Reports about population control and the like are sprouting up all over the place and I haven’t forgotten the Tuskegee Experiment.

Thoughts?  Anybody out there get the vaccination?  Anyone not getting the vaccination?


The Court of Public Opinion

  • Thought I would Share

    They couldn’t pay me to get that shot. So far, 480 pregnant women have miscarriaged after getting the shot. Something that they are not reporting on the news. I heard about it on KPFK.

  • moonbeam

    hi jasmyne. i agree. something doesnt sit well with this. i am a home health aide. and here in new york state there was a situation where all healthcare workers, were going to be mandated to get this shot. but thanks to the CREATOR, a nurse took this to court, and now it has been put on hold. and also i dont believe the hype in all this swine flu epidemic. there are too many unanswered questions. population control? yes i believe it. look where it started, in MEXICO. they dont want illegal immigrants here. but who ever started this didnt realize how far this went. this went global. so immediately a vaccine was made. and the ingredients contained harmful substances that our bodies will not relate to. as for me, im doing my vitamins, herbs. i do not trust these new meds that is being pushed on us. to me the government dont want us to medicate ourselves, because the drug companies will lose dollars. i take care of patients who take loads of meds i mean bags of meds, and i dont see any improvement in their health. so thats my opinion.

  • moonbeam

    oh i forgot to tell you, that if we didnt agree to the shot, we would lose our jobs.