To Whom It May Concern…

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We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help to cover it up).


There’s an Asante (that’s African) proverb that says:

There’s no point in putting on your clothes at home when you’ve already taken them off in the public square…

…or they’ve been taken off for you.

The LAPD officially released the names of the officers involved in the August 11 shooting death of Ezell Ford because they had already been disrobed in the public square, also known as  Goodwill on the part of Chief Charlie Beck and the LAPD command staff had nothing to do with it.

LAPD spokesperson Commander Andrew Smith’s email to me this morning that my earlier post contained “highly inaccurate information” was highly inaccurate or what some might call a lie.  My reporting of the names was close enough and it obviously got the job done or else another day would have gone by and we still wouldn’t know anything.

The public should not have to become detectives every time there is an officer involved shooting death just to find out the name of the officers involved.

Good night.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • My Two Cents

    “My reporting of the names was close enough” Actually, I beg to differ. By not owning your potentially dangerous mistake of releasing the wrong name, you actually lose credibility. I don’t follow you regularly, but I know enough to see that you do great work. Part of that greatness is admitting your mistakes. That’s what is going to give you legitimacy in the future.

  • Losing credibility is when you post rebuttals anonymously like a “coward” hiding under a hood. Therefore, posters should use their real names if they want legitimacy in the future.

  • cutty sark

    The Los Angeles community(civilian residents and uniformed law enforcement) need to exercise the highest level of self-control over the next 5 – 6 weeks.
    The stage has been set (Donald Sterling, Ezell Ford, L.A. City/LAPD contract negotiations, absence of respected local political and law enforcement leadership, etc.) leaving us incredibly vulnerable to a coordinated manipulation of events, media, emotions leading into violent confrontation and conflagration.
    In 5 – 6 weeks voting begins in the 2014 State and Federal General Election when local registrars place ballots in the mail for registered absentee voters.
    Los Angeles would top the target list for those seeking sensational headlines and video images. These images can be processed into political propaganda for spoon feeding to a suburban, conservative voting demographic. Significant amounts of independent political expenditure are available to finance such an extreme political strategy geared at reversing the Democrat Party majority in the U.S. Senate.
    We need to watch out for a seemingly unprovoked and unjustified police action or police shooting which activates resentment within a disenfranchised minority community. We need to watch out for paid trained operatives sent into the community to organize public demonstrations. We need to watch out for those who appear from outside and claim they are devoted to the long term interests of the community, yet proceed to harness frustrations and guide emotions into an angry, inflammatory release directed at law enforcement and civic institutions.
    The hidden objective is to capture 30 seconds of video showing blacks and/or browns pushing over and torching an LAPD patrol car.
    To study an example representing this blueprint, see – Manuel Jamines, the shooting of, Westlake District, September 5 2010, Rampart Community Police Station – 3 days of protests, Officer Frank Hernandez, Charlie Beck.
    They will need to take it bigger this time to get the footage they want.

  • My Two Cents

    Mr. McGill, I’m not looking for credibility. I’m not even remotely in this line of business. I’m just a smart person offering Jasmyne some constructive criticism, as a fan of what she does. She can take it or leave it. Have a good night.

  • Mr Smith

    You must not follow very much then, because she is not at all good at owning her mistakes. She consistently flings crap up against the wall, waits to see what sticks, and then gloats about being right (as seen here). There’s a complete disregard for actual journalism – what Ms. Cannick does can best be described as a race-baiting, cop-hating op-ed masquerading as fact-based insider reporting.

    Earlier this summer she had the clairvoyance to determine everything about the life of one LAPD officer simply by the humorous profile picture he had posted on Facebook. She’s a slanderous racist who hates cops.