Well, tonight is the night that my friend Isaiah Washington from his own mouth gets to talk about is his firing from ABCs “Grey’s Anatomy,” what really happened, and why he isn’t tripping like some in the media are making him out to be.

Tonight at 9 p.m. EST CNNs Larry King will speak with Isaiah on national television and hopeful put an end to all of the drama, lies, and accusations being hurled at Isaiah.

I for one am looking forward to it and have cheered him on all the way, as I know what most of America doesn’t know.  Isaiah is not a fool, he’s not crazy, and he’s moved on with his life and will always continue to do big things.  He’s an amazing actor, a family man, and a man that cares about something more than the red carpet.  He cares about people, in particular the people of Sierra Leone.

So for all the haters out there…don’t miss it!  I won’t!

…And to Chief Gondobay Manga…keep your head and remember that you are loved and admired.

Larry King Live
9 P.M. EST