And you know it’s so on tonight in Los Angeles!  I got my Adidas jacket, skinny jeans, and bamboo earrings, two pair. Holla!

Calling all alumni from the classes of ’80-’89 from Fairfax, Gardena, Serra, Murphy, University, St. Mary’s, Hollywood, Immaculate Heart, L.A., St. Bernard’s, Palisades, Dorsey, Crenshaw, Westchester and surrounding high schools.

Feeling nostalgic for the days where Creepers, 6-inch tapered Dickies, Girbaud jeans, Stan Smith Adidas, Guess overalls, biker shorts, legwarmers, Lottos, and broaches were the fashion trends of the day? When it wasn’t no thang to see brothers sporting bald heads, flat tops, and eraser heads. When Nissan Sentra’s, convertible Volkswagen Rabbit’s, Suzuki Samari’s, Nissan Trucks, Mazda RX2’s, and Chevy S-10 Blazers could be found going up and down Crenshaw Boulevard bumping the latest hits from Prince, Michael Jackson, Kraftwerk, and Cybertron. Can you still do the Smurf, Lacoste, ET, Escape, Frankie, Freddie Kruger, Washing Machine, and Cha Cha? If so, have I got just the party for you.

Long before the crunkin’ and jerkin’ dance phases came along, Los Angeles had put itself on the map as the birthplace of dance crews. Ultra Wave was a group of Los Angeles dance promoters who were often dubbed as the Westside version of Uncle Jam’s Army, a hip-hop dance crew in the 1980s. Ultra Wave left their indelible mark on L.A.’s hip-hop scene with their unique dance styles, wardrobe, and dance crew battles at parties held for a time in Culver City at Veteran’s Auditorium to rap, electro beat, nu-wave, ska, funk, R & B, and club music. Flash forward 20 years, after marriages, children, and careers, and many of the same familiar faces now in their 40s, are coming together once again under one roof for one night only to relive the Ultra Wave glory days when a battle wasn’t a call to grab a weapon but a call to hit the dance floor and showcase your moves. For more information, please visit

The Details

Ultra Wave 80s Reunion
Sunday, August 23, 2009
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Club Tatou (formerly Prince’s Grand Slam)
333 South Boylston Street, Downtown Los Angeles
$20 Per Person


The Good Girls
(Former Motown Recording Artists “Your Sweetness is my Weakness”)


  • The Word Famous Soul Brothers
  • The Romeos
  • The Groovers
  • The Ultra Girls
  • Royal Flush
  • The Godfathers
  • The Teazers
  • The Rock-A-Fellas
  • The Dorsey Creepers


  • DJ Boulevard Rod of Ultra Wave
  • Tony T of Too Damn Fresh
  • Chris “The Glove” Taylor
  • Mark Luv of Zulu Nation
  • Evil E of Rhyme Syndicate
  • DJ Vicious Lee
  • DJ Ricky Waddas KJLH Saturday Night Mix


w/ Co-Hosts DJ Tee and DJ Damu
and Guests Hosts Alex Thomas, Rodney Perry, and Doc Clarke