Last weekend I was able to attend’s monthly discussion on pillow princesses and the like. The discussion was held at the Royale on Wilshire and concluded with a performance by out Black lesbian recording artist Shurlavision.

It was a great discussion filled with great women all of different opinions.

I learned that the pillow princesses’ masculine counterpart would be the “touch me not” stud. What can I say? You learn something new every day. And I’ll add, that there’s somebody for everybody. For as many pillow princesses as there are out there, there’s a touch me not stud or the equivalent looking for them.

But as can be expected, that conversation paved the way for a lot of related subjects including one that I’ve been fascinated with…lesbian parents who allow their children to call one of the mommies Daddy.

I plan on sitting down and writing my thoughts out regarding this and some other related issues, but I wanted to check in and find out what other lesbians thoughts were on this.

Kudos Treazure and happy birthday!

The next discussion is going down April 13, 2008.