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African-American alumni from the classes of 1980-1989 at local area high schools reunited Sunday in downtown Los Angeles at Club Tatou (formerly Prince’s Grand Slam) to relive the early days of Los Angeles’ hip-hop and dance crew scene and the Ultra Wave Party. Ultra Wave was a group of Los Angeles dance promoters who were often dubbed as the Westside version of Uncle Jam’s Army, a hip-hop dance crew in the 1980s. Ultra Wave left their indelible mark on L.A.’s hip-hop scene with their unique dance styles, wardrobe, and dance crew battles at parties held for a time in Culver City at Veteran’s Auditorium to rap, electro beat, nu-wave, ska, funk, R & B, and club music.

In the house that night included everyone from Egyptian Lover to legendary deejays Mark Luv, Chris Brazil, Vicious Lee, and General Lee.  And the dance crews…off the chain!

Word had it, Ultra Wave is back as a monthly event and if that’s the case, I think I know where my 32nd birthday is going down in October, lol.

For more information on the history of Ultra Wave and Sunday’s party, head over to www.ultrawaveentertainment.com.

Big ups to my boy Gregory for bringing back the best damn party of all times!  Ain’t no party like an 80s party and California, yeah, we know how to party!

H/t: Hiltron Bailey for the photos!