Well, I still haven’t heard it from Isaiah himself, but there are numerous reports now that it’s confirmed that Isaiah Washington won’t be returning as Dr. Preston Burke in the fourth season of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

I just want to know when is the protest, rally, press conference, or whatever, cause I’m there.  Like Paris being released from jail over a medical condition, this is some straight up bullshit.

And to make matters worse, all of the gay haters have begun cheering ABC for firing Isaiah and keeping T. R Knight which for me, just makes the divide that much bigger.  The racism that exudes from the gay community is enough to make a girl sick and want to go “straight” just to not be associated with the bullshit.  Message to the gay community, everyone who’s gay doesn’t hate Isaiah Washington and at the end of the day, as far as I know, Isaiah has done more good for the gay community than your boy T.R. Knight has in or out of the closet. Hello and goodbye!

But one thing I do know for sure, is that if, and I said if, Washington doesn’t return to "Grey’s Anatomy," that it ain’t going to stop his development.  He’s a good actor that has managed to remain conscious and keep his eyes on the real prize and that prize has nothing to do with a hit television series.  It has to do with saving lives and giving people who have no hope, hope.  And hit series or not, I’m sticking with him all the way and trust, he won’t be out of work for long.  I know that’s a little too deep for some of you haters out there.