You can get away with just about anything, including missing your court date for your 14 counts of child pornography only to have the judge excuse you because of the "unintended consequences" of canceling shows, such as disappointing fans and loss of income for venue workers.

So let me get this right.

14 counts of child pornography stemming from a video of a grown man peeing on an underage girl where estimates are that she could have been as young as 13 at the time don’t matter nearly as much as disappointing fans and lost revenue for the venue workers.

In case you haven’t heard, R. Kelly is free to perform tonight in Chicago because the judge, who in my opinion must either be a closet fan or someone else in his family is, reasoned that it wasn’t fair to cancel the concert and disappoint the fans and workers.

Yeah, that was really the reason stated on the Chicago Tribune’s website.

I couldn’t make up shit this crazy, even if I tried.

About the only thing the judge did do was to cancel Kells show on January 13th in Hampton, VA to give him ample time to back for his January 14th court date.

Oh and if that wasn’t absurd enough, a woman is being held in jail overnight for taking a photo of R. Pissy on her cellphone in the courthouse.

The trial is scheduled to start on May 9, just over five months from now.  We’ll see if that actually ends up happening soon enough.