So Serena’s No. 1 in the World after winning the 2008 U.S. Open Title. Holla!

I’ve been taking classes at the Venus and Serena Tennis Academy at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center located on the grounds of the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex off Rodeo near La Brea (5001 Rodeo Blvd.).

Well, adult group lessons are going to begin next week (September 15).

The schedule the group is deciding right now is whether we’re going to do once a week for 8 weeks on Wednesday’s at 7:30 p.m. or twice a week for 4 weeks on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 7:30 p.m.

The fees are $11 per class for a total of $88 per session (8 weeks or 4 weeks).

Le George Mauldin (www.tenniswithlegeorge.com), is the instructor and who I train with and he’s really good. His bio is on his website. Oh–he’s worked with the Williams’ sisters too.

All levels are encouraged to join.

So if you’re in Los Angeles and are interested in doing the group lessons, beginning the week of September 15, holla back and let me know which schedule you prefer, one class a week or two. The majority is going to be the deciding factor and the deadline to declare you intention is Friday, September 12, 2008.

You can pay the first day of class with either a check or cash.