Video: Beyond Proposition 8

If passed, Proposition 8 will end recognition of same-sex marriages in California. Proposition 8 is a controversial initiative in the African American community where voter turn-out is said to reach record numbers because of the presidential race. On this week�s KCET SoCal exclusive video, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, nationally syndicated culture and political critic Jasmyne Cannick, and members of the Black LGBT community discuss Proposition 8.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • JDT

    this is what we’re facing in california…more discrimination! bottomline, its a likely future setup by the establishment can’t wait to see how this will affect minorities nationwide.

  • kimykali

    Yah, and 40 years ago “they” opposed interacial marriage and integrated schools too…this too shall pass. I’m still steadily tryin’ to figure out how who you might marry affects me or my life? Keep up the good fight!

  • ErnestH

    Thanks for sharing this video. Wow, I can’t quite wrap my head around Congresswoman Waters’s comments. To paraphrase Barack Obama… A congressperson has to be able to handle more than one crisis at a time. How can she get away with saying that she is not focusing on any of the propositions including 8? That made me very sad. The Prop 8 battle has been uphill from its inception and we always knew that we would have to change the hearts and minds in the Black and Latino communities in order to be successful. I pray that it is defeated but it may pass. It would be tragic if the evidence points to the Black community as providing the margin for passage.

  • I agree with the person above me. Maxine Waters was silly for saying she’s not focused on any propositions. You can’t just focus on one issue and forget about the others.

  • TonyJackson

    We need to ask triflin’ Congresswoman Waters why she did not stand up against Prop 8. This is outrageous!

  • Sam

    Maxine just didn’t want to admit she is against gay marriage. The economic crisis, albeit a gigantic issue in America, is just a smoke screen for her to avoid confronting this hot topic of prop.8.

  • (Wow, I didn’t know that the most black gays and lesbians live, not in West Hollywood, or Silverlake, but in LA’s black ‘hood’.) I’m pretty sure that Bayard Rustin, Coretta Scott and Martin Luther King (& III), Rosa Parks, etc. would have supported gay marriage. At the very least, they would have MADE SURE people knew that prop 8 would be removing some peoples rights to marry. Rights are Rights; you cant say: “well, gay marriage rights are not as important as xyz rights.” That’s an utterly intolerant view. If you feel there are more important issues for African Americans, get them put on the ballot. Just thinking Prop 8 wasn’t on the top of your list, as being a good reason to let it pass is ludicrous.

  • Mike P

    AMEN Peter!! One other thing I’d like to add… Treat others or support the treatment of others how you want to be treated.

  • In Pain

    I read your opinion piece in the Times today and I’m sorry to say that I disagree. You seem to feel that racial prejudice brings more hatred than the sexual bigotry. I think they are both horrible and we should fight to eliminate both. One is not more important than the other. As someone who is Black and Gay, I would like to have equal rights for all. Your belief that denial of rights to gay persons is a secondary struggle to that of our racial plights is unfortunate, and as long as this view is prevalent in society, neither struggles will be overcome.

  • ken

    All for equal rights, but, its enough dealing with racism and I just don’t care about gay marriage, if it happens fine, if not, still has no effect on the issues that concern me.

    And, then there is that little issue of white gay men and their virulent racism, except when they need a vote, otherwise stay clear of thier places.