Okay so first kudos to Father Taz Ultra Omni and Greg Wilson on throwing a fabulous ball last Tuesday night—wait no make that early Wednesday morning.  Just keeping it real, lol.  It was good to get out and hang out with the ballroom kids who always known how to bring and keep it real.  I love a Taz function.  It may not start on time, but it ends on time, and he doesn’t play no games.  If you’re walking, then you need to have your ass ready cause it’s 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…category closed. Holla.  Congrats to Greg on his award for his community service, definitely deserved and I am proud of him.  Like Taz says, we can clap for dips, let’s clap for a brotha actually doing something for his community.  Work!  Tens across the board for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for their support of Tuesday’s ball.

I had fun being a judge and felt a little bit like Paula on Idol.  I have such a hard time cutting anyone, lol.  I feel so guilty.

So about the video…I was drinking and I was a judge–not a spectator, so keep that in mind.  Enjoy!  There’ll be about three videos all together.