In an explosive and must see video, Cali Swag District founder Big Wy responds to Mbone’s family’s accusations

Groups founder says that family is on the outside looking in and that they are wrong

One month after the murder of Monte’ Talbert, better known as MBone one-fourth of the hip-hop group Cali Swag District, accusations and questions are still flying regarding the unsolved murder.

Last week, MBone’s family spoke publicly regarding the murder, including questions regarding CSD member Smoov’s possible involvement as well as the actions of CSD members after the 22-year-old’s murder.

This week, the group’s founder Big Wy of 319 Music Group opened up the doors to his Inglewood studio to set the record straight on his relationship with MBone, the group’s relationship, as well as what exactly happened the night of MBone’s murder.

Responding to public criticism that he and members of the CSD showed no remorse after the death of MBone, Big Wy explained, “Of course we’re hurt, but we still gotta keep moving on.  We got little kids looking at Cali Swag District constantly.  We can’t let them see them broke down all the time.  But when they’re in their own personal spaces—of course it hurts.”

Regarding CSD member C-Smoov’s possible involvement after eyewitnesses placed him at the scene of the murder Big Wy explained that it was a coincidence.

He continues, “Smoov just happened to be driving down La Brea. It’s coincidental.  It don’t take no rocket scientist to try and figure out something to point the finger.  Yea it was a red car.  It was Smoove driving down the street. Happen to be on his way to the studio saw his homie car across the street.  As he got a little further heard some shots. When he heard the shots he jumped out to see if he was shot because it was so close.  Turned back around and pulled up and saw Black Jack and them getting out the car.”

“It was a white car that pulled up on the side of them, they said he said fuck something. You know what I mean.  Whatever it may be.  Whether it could have been fuck crabs, fuck slobs, fuck niggas, fuck whites, fuck Mexicans, fuck Asians, it could have been fuck anything.  But it was fuck something and they shot.  That area over there is gang infested.  It’s been damn near 20 murders in the last year over there in that whole area.  It’s always somebody getting killed—whether it’s racial gang violence–these people that are making the accusations—the family you’re not in the streets and you don’t know what’s going on out here in this world because you don’t live in this life.  We live this life and we in here every single day so we know what’s going on.  The family and friends and all these other people that’s pointing the fingers at us—yea we know what’s going on.  We know that Inglewood is fucked up.  You know what I am saying.  This ain’t the first time people done got killed.  This shit goes on all the time—all the time.”

Cali Swag District rose to fame with their 2010 single “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

The group plans to release a full-length album entitled “The Kickback” July 12 on the independent Sphinx Music Group/319 Music label with distribution through Sony Music.

Anyone who was in the area and has information concerning the murder is asked to call the Inglewood Police Homicide Section at (310) 412-5246, or the 24-hour anonymous hotline number 888-41-CRIME (888-412-7463).

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