Okay so last Tuesday’s election night saw the re-election of our girl and one of my political idols, Jan Perry to L.A.’s City Council.  I mean it’s cool, it’s not like anyone was running against her, lol.   I caught up with Councilwoman Perry before I headed over to Carson to hang with Carson’s Mayor Pro Tem Mike Gipson where I ended up spending the night damn near in the campaign office as we waited for the results.  In the end, we won!  Mike’s re-election campaign got a little nasty towards the end when desperate candidate’s took desparate measures, but in the end we prevailed.  Next up, SD 26’s Special Election on the 24th. By the way, for those living in L.A.’s 26th Senate District, today is the last day to registr to vote in the election.  If you don’t know what Senate District you live in that’s a damn shame, but you can click here and find out.  While you’re at it, find out who represents you in your local city council, school board district, the State Assembly, and in Congress.

Election Night Pics

Courtesy of Shon Smith for D’Angelo’s Photos

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Jan Perry on Election Night