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Vikter Duplaix | Bold & Beautiful | BBE

VikterduplaixI have long admired Vikter Duplaix.  I mean to put it bluntly, the man is a musical genius and it’s high time he was back with an album.  The wait was too long.

His latest album, “Bold and Beautiful,” set for release September 19, 2006 on Barely Breaking Even Records.

Let me just say, from the moment I placed the CD into my stereo, which was about a week ago, to this very day, I have been listening to this album.

There’s not much you can say about perfection.

“Bold and Beautiful" is exactly that.  Sometimes we buy entire albums where we’re only able to get into several of the songs, but with Vikter’s latest offering, I have to tell you, every song is good.

With help from the likes of Esthero, Raphael Saddiq, Omar Edwards, and Louie Vega among others, the album is a win win for all music lovers.

My favorite tracks include “Another Great Love Gone By,” which features another favorite artist of mine Esthero.  It’s sensual and beautiful and their voices together one track equal bliss.

Stimulation,” which features Ms. Saigon is raw, pure and exhibits the best in Vikter.   

While I could go on and on about this album, I will tell you the following.  This is one of those albums that can go from the car to the living room to the bedroom with ease, and trust me, that’s exactly where I have it.

If you like Eric Benet, Raphael Saddiq, John Legend, and Kam, then you ain’t heard nothing yet.

Got and get it, you won’t be sorry. 

Favorite tracks include: Stimulation featuring Ms. Saigon, Make A Baby, Another Great Love Gone By, In the Middle of You

Rating: Excellent, A Must Have

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