Volume 3, section 828

We’re not against the police.  We’re not against the police department, but we are against police who commit misconduct (and those who help cover it up).


Beck approved LAPD purchase of daughter’s horse, documents show
Los Angeles Times
August 6, 2014

Despite repeated claims by Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck that he played no role in the LAPD’s decision to purchase a horse from his daughter, Beck signed a document approving the deal, according to records obtained by The Times.

When news of the horse deal surfaced earlier this week, the chief defended the purchase by saying through a spokesman he had deliberately recused himself from all aspects of the decision to acquire his daughter’s horse. Beck reiterated that stance during a news conference Tuesday. The internal deliberations over the horse between members of the mounted platoon and senior command staff had been “steered completely around me,” the chief insisted.


Volume 3, section 828 of the Los Angeles Police Department Manual reads as follows:

828. FALSE AND MISLEADING STATEMENTS. It is a violation of Department Policy for any employee to make a false statement or a misleading statement as defined in this section. Any violation of this standard constitutes misconduct, which may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

False Statement Defined. A false statement is any manner of communication, including, but not limited to oral, written and electronic, which a Department employee makes when he or she knew or should have known the statement was false at the time it was made or the employee fails to correct the statement upon learning of its falsity.

Misleading Statement Defined. A misleading statement is any manner of communication, including but not limited to oral, written and electronic, which a Department employee makes when he or she:

  • Provides information in an inaccurate context;
  • Provides information designed to lead the investigator or another astray or misdirect others;
  • Intentionally withholds information which is known or reasonably believed to be relevant; or,
  • Intentionally fails to provide a complete or accurate account of matters which are known to the employee.
  • Providing partial truth about an incident does not satisfy an employee’s obligation for truthfulness when relevant information has been deliberately left out. Further, an employee who becomes aware that a statement has been misunderstood or misrepresented has an obligation to correct the misunderstanding or misrepresentation. Failure to do so may create an inference that the employee made the statement with the intention to mislead.

A false statement or a misleading statement constitutes misconduct when:

  • It is made while carrying out an employee’s duties;
  • It results from actions incidental to an employee’s duties;
  • It is made while conducting a criminal or administrative investigation, even if the investigation is preliminary in nature; or,
  • It is made by an off-duty employee arising from a circumstance in which the employee’s occupation as a Department employee is a factor.

Exception: False and misleading statements allowed by law, including those made for investigative purposes such as those required to conduct an undercover investigation, are not considered to be misconduct and therefore do not fall within these categories.


This pretty much speaks for itself so I really don’t have much else to add except to say that if this is the policy then it should be applied to all members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Code H in HWD

    Thank you for all you’ve done!!!

  • Officer Fed Up

    False and Misleading is abused all the time…look into the case of Det Bill Eagleson at Hollenbeck Div who was sent to a Board of Rights for carrying on a relationship with Lupe Andrade a Hazard Gang supporter who filed over 200 complaints against officers. A judge issued a court order preventing her from filing further complaints. Then mysteriously, several confidential crime reports were found by Andrade and her attorney in the alley behind Hollenbeck accusing Hollenbeck officers of releasing confidential information. The reports were sent to crime lab and Eagleson’s fingerprints were found on the reports. Every time Hollenbeck Gang officers served a search warrant on anything related to Hazard gang members, they were compromised. Someone leaked confidential information before hand about any operations involving Hazard. Eagleson was ordered to a board of rights after he lied to IA. The chairman of the board of rights was Captain Tingrides who exonerated Eagleson and offered him a job under his command. Mind you, Eagleson already had a pattern of false and misleading in his jacket. Tingrides is the one who also sought out Lieutenant Bill Kelly for not reporting a potential conflict of interest by dating the ex-wife of a Southeast officer whom was already previously divorced from his wife Det Chow. Det. Chow’s ex husband then committed suicide with his live in girlfriend’s police issued weapon (Kristi Brandon) which was under the jurisdiction of LASO. All this happened while at the same time Tingrides gave another Lieutenant (Angelos) a lite suspension and allowed him to keep his rank when he got caught on duty having a relationship with his female detective he directly supervised and while Tingrides was actively dating his female sergeant Amada Castillo. After Tingrides transfered Lt Kelly he mysteriously transfered Amada Castillo to the Chief of Police office (Beck). In fact Beck attended the wedding of Tingrides and Amada Castillo. Yet he sent Lt Kelly to a board of rights for not reporting he was dating Det. Chow the ex wife of the Southeast officer who killed himself. At the board of rights Lt Kelly was demoted to a Police Officer and sent back to patrol…Lt Kelly filed a Writ of Mandate with the court and won his Sgt rank back. The court identified that Tingrides had LIED and provided a false statement at Lt Kelly’s board of rights.

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  • Sergeant II William Kelly

    I don’t know who wrote this and I appreciate your support, but this does not help my cause at this time. This is sensitive information that is partially true, some incorrect and some I hadn’t heard before. My case is being handled through the proper channels and I don’t wish to have it aired out on the internet outside the scope of my authorization. Only IAG, my attorneys and my ORS rep are aware of the majority of this information.

    In regards to the other people you mentioned, they have a right to privacy and confidentiality as well. There are measures actively in place to address the wrong that was done to me and I don’t want that process jeopardized at this time. I appreciate your support, but this information is sensitive and it is not in my best interest that it be made public as I am actively negotiating with the Department for resolution..


    Sergeant II William Kelly #30052

  • Copper

    So you guys are ok with then Lt Kelly dating the ex-wife of a southeast copper? Wow!!! So many women in this world and she is all he could find?

  • copper

    I believe in karma. You will get yours for dating that woman.

  • VTD

    Yea but if you looked like uncle fester, you too wouldn’t turn down any woman.

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    Sweet reply.

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    Green light.

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    Jaz is dead weight.

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    Wow, I didn’t expect this when I decided to check up on family.