There’s a lot going on in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leoneon’s recently elected its new leader choosing Ernest Koroma of the All People’s Party (APC).  Kooma namedformer UN official Zainab Bangura as foreign minister.  Kudos to Zainab!!!

I was fortunate enough to meet her when I traveled to Sierra Leone in May and to be able to speak with her about her activism and efforts to Sierra Leone.  She’s a very smart woman who I am sure will do well in this position.

In addition, our boy Isaiah Washington’s non-profit The Gondobay Manga Foundation, has announced that the school they are building in the village of
Njala Kendema in the Bo Region of Sierra Leone, West Africa, is just about complete!!!

Kudos to Isaiah, Sonya, and our brothers and sisters in Bo for getting the job done.

The photos above are of the new school, including the mud huts that once served as the school.

There has been a tremendous amount of work done since I was las there and I am so excited that everything has come to fruition.

The school has been officially named the Chief Foday Golia Memorial School and is expected to seat 150 students with plans to accommodate more students in the future.
Currently, the village of Njala Kendema has 115 children of primary
education age (K-5th grades). 

70 percent of Sierra Leone’s population lives below the poverty line
and 26 percent are unable to meet the basic food requirements.  For
many families, education is the only hope of their children finding
work outside of the country to support their family in the future.

For more information, or to support the Foundation’s efforts, visit

Congrats Isaiah and Sonya!!!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Isaiah Wednesday nights on NBC’s Bionic Woman at 9 p.m.