Watts’ Jordan’s Cafe Closes

R.I.P. Jordan’s Cafe 1942-2010

Another Black business bites the dust.  This time it’s the infamous and quite tasty Jordan’s Cafe in Watts.  It’s already closed and it doesn’t look like the new owners will be serving anything remotely close to the soul food that Jordan’s was known for.  Rest in peace and I guess we’ll always have the memories.

H/t Kevon

The Court of Public Opinion

  • This was one of my very, very favorite restaurants in L.A. 🙁 LOVED this place – the atmosphere, the incredibly nice people in front of and behind the counter, and the fact that they excelled at main dishes and sides alike.

    Anyone know if there’s a backstory on the closing – strictly economic woes, or anything with the family or owners?

  • Elif

    What?????? Awful!!!!!! :o(((((

  • Elif

    That icon I put there was not a smiley face. I meant: :o( 5 times.

  • Elif

    Grrrrr….. 🙁