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Thanks to my good friend Alan-Michael, I am now officially hip to the Waze app and have kissed all other navigation services on my iPhone goodbye–at least for now.

You have to love an app that alerts you to red light cameras, upcoming traffic jams, and yes–the police lurking just around the corner.

Oh, and it gives you directions to where you’re trying to go as well.

For my Angelinos, traffic is a daily nightmare and anything that can help us navigate around it is much appreciated.

Waze does just that and it’s fun to use as well.

Had I checked Waze before jumping onto the 710 northbound on Monday coming from Long Beach back to Los Angeles, I would have known that an 18-wheeler had overturned and was taking up four lanes of traffic.  I would have saved myself 1 hour, 5 cigarettes, and my blood pressure wouldn’t have come dangerously close to killing me–right there in my car on the freeway.

Don’t let that happen to you. Oh and the app is free.

Check it out!