So this week was kind of harder than most.  Mostly because I just plain ole lost my willpower.  I think I need to eat more than just salads because I am a little played out on them.

I did fine for the first part of the week all the way up until Thursday and then I ventured from my normal routine and had some baked chicken.  On Friday, I stopped by a party at the Pan African Film and Arts Festival and couldn’t resist a couple of handfuls of chips, two cookies, and a granola bar.  Let me tell you, it was good and worth it. Today, I had a juice shake, a fish taco, and a pretzel.  Yep, I sure did and tomorrow morning I will get up and go on my hike and get back on schedule.  I needed an off day after six weeks.

The exercise thing isn’t going according to plan and I am disappointed in myself.  I am letting my work tire me to the point that I don’t go to the gym the way I am supposed to be going.  This week that all stops.  Come rain or shine, my ass will be up in that gym and I mean that.

I have decided to that I am going to take a belly dancing and a Pilates class in May for a couple of weeks at the local city college on Thursday’s.  Why belly dancing?  Because it will help me work on that area of my body while I’m hopefully, having a good time.

I can’t seem to cross that 200 mark and that’s driving me crazy.  I feel like I’ve dropped all this weight so far, so why am I at a stand still.  It’s got to be the exercise.  There’s no other excuse because my food intake hasn’t really changed.

Some things that I have noticed…

For one, I can’t fit any of my suits anymore, which is a good thing and a bad thing.  Bad because that means I have to spend money on new suits, but good because it means I am losing inches.  Whereas as I had a lot of pants that were 22’s and 20’s I now can go buy 16’s and 18’s.  I still where a 14 at the top.  The pants I wore in my Dateline interview were a 20 and they were too big, I had on a belt to keep them up but because it was short notice on the taping and I had to roll with what I had.

I bought a pair of Apple Bottom Jeans to replace another pair that are entirely too lose for me now.  The size?  A 16.  Yes, you read right.  In fact, I am wearing them today.  Love them 

My mission for the next week is to cross the 200 mark.  I will not starve myself to do it but I will exercise more than I am now.  I have to.  It’s mind over matter baby.  It can happen, I didn’t come this far to get stuck at 201.

I have also decided that once I cross the 200 mark, after I finish my little private party, lol, I am going to forgo the daily weigh in and stick to weighing in once a week.  My friend thinks I am getting obsessed with it and so do I quite frankly.  Once a week should do me just fine.

I’ve also decided that I am going to move my Weight Loss Diary to Saturday’s.  While I do not blog on the weekend as a general rule, I will do my check in on Saturday’s from now on because I am just too damn busy with work and everything else to do it on Thursday night’s for Friday.  Sorry  Hey, but now you have a reason to check in over the weekend.

Very soon, I will be posting a video blog on one of my hiking trips so you can see what’s it’s like, how slow I am, and how hard it is.  Should be interesting.  Stay tuned.

The photo above is from the Urban Issues Breakfast Forum of Greater Los Angeles.  On Friday, I moderated a discussion on the 15th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots/Civil Unrest at the California African American Museum.  I was given the plaque for my willingness to discuss the issues of the day as it relates to Blacks.

I hope all is well with you.  Ciao!