If you’re in Los Angeles, or planning to visit, join me on my weekly hike in Runyon Canyon. We meet up on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. on the corner of Fuller and Franklin Avenues in Hollywood.

From the South:
Take LaBrea Blvd. north to Franklin Avenue (one block past Hollywood Blvd.)
Make a left and go up on block to Fuller Avenue
Begin to look for parking

We meet on the northwest corner of Fuller and Franklin.

The hike usually takes about an hour.

It’s a good idea to let me know if you’re planning on coming ahead of time in case anything changes.

And no worries if you’re crazy, or don’t know you’re crazy, I don’t hike alone and before I get pushed off of a cliff, you will.

If it’s hot, it’s hotter in the canyon. Dress light and wear tennis shoes with traction. If it’s cold, it’s colder in the canyon, but since you’re hiking your body heat will more than make up for it so wear layers that you can take off. You definitely want to wear sunscreen, bring shades for your eyes, and/or wear a cap/sun visor. The sun can be brutal and there’s no shade.

If it’s your first time out, please email me ahead of time with your phone number so that we can touch basis.  I can be reached at jasmyne@jasmynecannick.com.