We all have them, whether we like them or not. Photos of who we were before we blossomed into the fashion conscious, make-up wearing, contact having, and finally got that hair right person we are today. For me, looking at the pictures of my fat ass that seemed to get bigger from photo to photo really reminded me of just how far I’ve come in my life personally as I prepare to step into 2010.

So I found myself digging through my treasure chest o’ pictures this week in search of my passport—yes I am getting the hell out of America for a while but more on that later.

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Anyway, going through that box presented me with a range of emotions. First I was horrified—I mean I really had some bad hair and clothes days, lol. Then I was pissed off for coming across pics of the exes. Note to self, shred that shit before 2010 get here, lol.
I did get all goey inside looking at old pics of my family and friends, especially those that have since passed on.

Then the anger came back as I looked at picture after picture of me with these huge ass Coke bottles. I am completely convinced my parents intentionally tried to make each pair bigger than the last. And what’s with all the dressing me and my sister alike like we’re triplets when that’s hardly the case?

It took me three hours to get through those boxes. I eventually found my passport and took it to the Visa place but not before I decided to scan some of those old photos for this post which I will dub The Mother Load of All Posts.

I’ve got a lot of goals for 2010, most importantly for me is continuing my weight loss journey which I am really going to be amping up. I’ll be kicking things off with KJLH’s Dominique DiPrima on Monday, January 2 on the Front Page as we have some real talk about Black people, food, health, and our weight issues.

In the meantime, I decided to peel off another layer by posting these God-awful photos as a reminder to me about how far I’ve come and in some cases, where I never want to go back too, lol, keeping it real.

I apologize in advance to my sisters, my mom, Dad, and the rest of my family, lol.  You know I love ya like a fat kid loves cake.

Enjoy and Happy New Year’s!

Click on photos in gallery for captions…we go from the early years to the just plain awful years, to the thank God that’s over years. Originally it was 32 pictures for 32 years, but ummm, I couldn’t not show my photos from today so I threw a few current photos in for good measure should someone think that I still look I did in 1991!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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