Okay, just a quick check-in to say that I am still registering in on the scales at 162 pounds (from 236!). There’s a method to my madness as to why I am still losing weight and I will share that with you very soon.

I wanted to share the latest photos from our hike on Sunday in Runyan Canyon. Although it was cold, cold, cold, we had a good hike followed by our weekly discussion at Starbucks and a trip down to the Buffalo Exchange on LaBrea.

Participants this past Sunday included Alan-Michael, Cyndi, Kristi, and Marquita. And because it’s Hollywood, you just never know who you’ll see out there. This week I ran into ABC 7’s Marc Brown walking his dog.

If you’re in or near L.A. and you want to join the hike, feel free to. Just check the calendar for all of the necessary information. As we get closer to the holidays, special weekday hikes will be added as well.

Don’t forget we’re running, jogging, and walking on Tuesdays and Thursday at Rancho Cienega Park at Dorsey High School. Check the calendar for the next date we’re meeting and the times if interested.

Thanks to everyone who sent emails asking questions about my weight loss, I’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible and I plan to write a post regarding a few of them which I feel are particularly timely. Check back for that soon.