Weight Loss Diary: Alli

…anybody have anything to say about it?  Good or bad.  I was considering giving it a try–well, right after I buy about 100 pairs of new underwear and a couple of packs of Depends.  But no seriously–anybody on it?

The Court of Public Opinion

  • Theresa Wilkes

    I have a co-worker that tried it for about 30days and she said she lost about 5lbs… and yes you will need the depends unless you run very fast and the bathroom is very close to your desk at work..lol… I’m having a baby in august, but as soon as I deliver I have plans on trying it out.. already got my bottle on my dresser waiting…lol.. Good Luck and keep me up to date on how it does for you.

  • Jboogie

    Okay so I popped my first two Alli pills. One before my breakfast before I went to the tennis courts, and one right now with lunch.

    I had two slices of peanut butter toast, 1/2 of a banana for breakfast and for lunch I had a salad.

    Haven’t had to run off to the restroom yet…

    But what’s up with the one month and only 5lbs lost. Is your girl exercising? I can lose five pounds on my own just by eating right and playing tennis and I can do that in a week, two tops…

  • I have never taken the Alli pills but I read the book and was going to try the program, however any program that involves taking pills is not good for you even if it is FDA approved. I am fortunate enough to work with a registered nutritionist and she says ifyou really want a program that works without having to have portion control try McDougall’s program for a lifestyle change. Not only will you lose weight but it help you to feel better physically. you can order the books for his program on amazon or probably get them at your local bookstore. I just started reading MCdougalls program for Maxium Weight Loss and you will be surprised that all of the things you have been told about certain foods and dieting are a falacy. Another good program the Nutritionist recommends is the south beach diet believe it or not. Mcdougall may be a little too restrictive based on the types of foods you like but I would check that out before taking pills….

  • J.

    Alli is a pill that uses half the dose of Xenical -a prescription strength diet pill. This means that you have to take it longer to get results smaller results and experience oily stools disguised as farts. I tried slim quik and It has a very strong appetite suppressant. You can’t eat too little with the pill or your stomach cramps. You can’t eat too much because you don’t have the room. The first week was weird because I always had a full feeling but with this “ramped up,” energy. Its working while you’re sitting still, and All that energy will wear you out. I realized that I had to go with my own program. I took one pill only twice a day, with breakfast and lunch and stayed with that. No doses after 2pm unless you want to be up all night. I did lose body fat and other people noticed before I did. It is best to take a vitamin every night with the last meal or before bed. This advice came from my Doctor, as a vitamin taken in the morning is usually pissed out by noon. While taking it I felt fuller, ate less at meals and had time to think about why I was about to eat something and if it was really what I needed. You may eat more often but its because of the raised energy levels which, ironically, is how you lose weight–by eating smaller meals more often. You have time to think about it. Light meals like fruit and yogurt and salads became more central, not just as appetizers or dessert. I have given up meat too. You think differently when you are hungry. I do exercise too, but with two jobs just not everyday. I will do it again, and with a good workout partner to keep me motivated when I don’t feel like sweating alone.

  • Theresa Wilkes

    Jboogie,, No she doesn’t exercise, but the funny thing is she eats healthy anyway, at least at work, she eats salmon and a salad for lunch, keeps fresh peppers and fruits at her desk and she is very very small at the bottom, but from the mid section up she is round, with small breast…( I can’t explain that shape), but she must eat worst in the evenings at home because she said she stayed in the bathroom at home… Let me know how it works for you.. I’m ready to roll in Aug. when I deliver… I gotta get this weight off of me…

  • imani

    If you really want to get serious about burning fat I would suggest trying Vaporize and Scorch from http://mansports.com/. A little pricey but they work great. No runs. Extra energy and focus esp. during workouts. No jitters. I particularly enjoy the extra focus in the gym. You just want to keep going and working hard. I think the recommended dosage is 3 pills twice daily. I just take two pills 30 minutes before my workout – once a day. You can adjust that as needed.

    There’s another good site to read.. http://www.bodybuilding.com. They have product reviews, info and workout plans etc. Good resource. Good luck!