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I haven’t been feeling too well.  I know one of the reasons why is that I gained weight and my body is like WTF?  And while I am no fan of the gym—well that’s an understatement–I hate the gym, I decided to partner up with one of BFF’s and go to the gym in an effort to jump start getting back in shape.  Yeah, well we’ll see how long this lasts because I gotta tell you, the gym doesn’t inspire me, looking at my much skinner pictures on the wall does–but not the gym. Eh, what are you gonna do?  I gotta try something cause what I have been doing isn’t working anymore.  I needed to change up the program and hopefully I’ll get back to me.  I know I am not the only one feeling blah these days because of weight gain.  My advice, try and shake it off and get out there and do something.  You may surprise yourself.  I did–never thought I’d end in the gym.