Yes, they’re back!  I was sitting in my car in Larchmont and I saw this man walk past me with what looked like a box of Thin Mints in his hand.  I couldn’t be sure, so I traveled down the street just to make sure I wasn’t trippin’ when low and behold I hit the jackpot!  A couple of Girl Scouts had set up camp and had every Girl Scout Cookie in the book out on display.  Let’s just say  did my duty and bought five boxes at 4 bucks each.  And no—they weren’t all for me, lol.  My Dinah Shore Diet strictly prohibits cookies, lol. But I did get my Shortbread cookies and the Samosa’s, so I guess I’ll have to hike a couple of extra times this week.

I asked the girls when they’d be back and they said next weekend.  So if you’re in L.A. you can hit them up on Larchmont.