Okay, so continuing in my weight loss tips, I promised I’d start talking about changes that I made to my diet, including what foods I stopped eating.  This week we get into why bread has to go, why it’s important to stop eating after a certain time, and packing a lunch for work.  Enjoy!


es, bread, and pretty much anything else that had flour in it had to go. That meant cookies, tortillas, chips, my English Muffins with their nooks and crannies, those delectable croissants that I absolutely adore…yeah well they had to go.

And before you holler, well why didn’t you switch to whole wheat—let me spare you the trouble and just say that bread is bread, I don’t care whether it’s white or whole wheat and what bread does to you is weigh you down.

Look it wasn’t easy. I can’t tell you how many times I backslid or sneaked a cookie here or there or one of those finger-licking-good biscuits from KFC that would just be calling my name from the lunchroom in the office. But I will tell you that it was worth my effort and actually—after a while, you don’t even miss it and you find great ways to be creative with it.

For example, you want a turkey or a veggie burger? Fine. Wrap it in lettuce instead of bread. Holla! You’ll be glad you did in oh about 6 months into it and you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. And for my soul food folks—just bypass Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and your grandma’s hot water cornbread altogether.

Today, I do allow myself to eat bread, cookies, and the like—in moderation and I do go for the whole wheat when it’s available, but it’s not an everyday part of my diet. For me, it can’t be.

Eating After 7 p.m.

One of the smartest things I trained by body to do was to function without eating after 7 p.m.—and let me tell you, this was no easy feat. I am a snacker—to be exact, an around the clock whenever I am hungry gotta have something right now ransack the kitchen and leave no crumb behind snacker. Like I said, no easy feat.

In order to accomplish this death-defying feat, I had to make some serious adjustments to my schedule. Working in politics means receptions, parties, meetings, and the like almost everyday. Basically, everywhere I turned…I saw food.

I learned that eating after a certain time in the evening meant that food was going to straight to my ass, hips, and tummy. The rule of thumb for most folks dieting is not to eat three hours before bed. Like I always say, do what works for you. But what I will tell you is learning to not eat after 7 p.m. really made all the difference. When I did find myself about to lose it—I either drank a glass of cold water (it will fill you up), a cup of nonfat yogurt, or reminded myself that my ex is running around town with some skinny b$#$^% and we’ve got work to do so buck up and deal with it. No pain, no gain.

Of course, there were times when it simply couldn’t be avoided, but those times were few and far apart because in order to not be hungry after 7 p.m., I had to revert back to my childhood and start taking my lunch and sometimes dinner into the office with me.

My Lunchbox

Yes, if you want a sure way to stay on track, pack a lunch. You’ll be happy that you did, a couple of months down the line. And for those of us that work late hours, pack lunch and a dinner and make sure that you eat that dinner before you leave the office and hope into your car to go home. That way when you get home you aren’t hungry.

And for my folks that work in offices that like to order in, let your co-workers know that you are working your weight loss plan and you don’t need the temptation. Still though, you are going to have to be strong when that pizza shows up on the table in the lunchroom or the gang announces they are going out to eat for lunch and want you to tag along. This is critical to your success.

I pack a pretty healthy lunch these days, including a snack which is often, fruit, nonfat yogurt or nuts. It really makes all the difference. I make good use of leftovers as well in my good ole’ lunch. Hint hint.

So chew on that for this week and when I check back in we’ll discuss eating out and fast food.