So, today I am ripping a page right out Tyra Bank’s playbook and I can’t think of a better day to do it since it is April Fool’s Day, and I gotta be some kinda fool to post a photo of me trying on bathing suit for Dinah Shore, lol.

So here’s the deal. I bought this bathing suit from Mervyn’s last year while out shopping with my Grandma and I promised myself then, that this year I’d be small enough to fit into it. Mission accomplished. But being small enough to fit into it and looking good while in it are two completely different stories, lol.

I’m 48 hours away from hitting the road to Palm Springs and as nervous as I am about my little kangaroo pouch, I decided that like with my weight loss journey, the only way to get the upper hand on my fear of wearing a bathing suit is to put the damn thing on, take a flick, and blog about it. Besides, it’s cheaper than therapy, ha!

So here I am in my humble abode trying on my bathing suit. I could get a new one, but since I’ve yet to wear this one and it does have sentimental meaning to me, I thought I’d try and make it work for Dinah Shore. Of course, I’ll probably find a wrap to wear with it, because while I am proud of my weight loss, I ain’t that proud to be strutting around cellulite and all with my ass hanging out in Palm Springs.

There’s I’ve done it. Any minute now, the fear of wearing this bathing suit in public will be a distant memory.

How’s that for conquering your fears? Thanks Tyra!