As we get ready for round two in America’s annual end of the year feasting, otherwise known as Christmas Dinner, you’re probably like me, trying to make a concerted effort not to overdue it this year. Just repeat after me…

I must remember that Christmas Dinner is not all-you-eat-buffet and I am not Mo’Nique in that notorious scene in the film “P.H.A.T. Girlz.”

If I decide to eat Christmas Dinner, I won’t show up at the table hungry after not eating all day. I will eat breakfast and lunch on Christmas before dinner. (This is key because when we’re hungry our eyes are often bigger than our tummies.)

The sweet potato is not my friend nor are its distant cousins that show up around the same time including the Mac (as in macaroni and cheese), and dressing (as in stuffing).

String beans and collard greens are my friends, but when they try to bring along their friend the pig and salt, I gotta raise an eyebrow and just say no.

Just like with people, everything that looks good ain’t good for me. So I’ll back away slowly from the honey baked ham and not look back.

There’s only so much egg in that nog and no matter how much brandy you add to it, it’s still liquid sugar mixed with booze. Keep it real.

Today I will give seconds a second thought.

I will get up off my ass when I’m done eating and walk it out. I will not fall into a turkey and dressing induced coma this year.

If my family really loves me, they won’t make me feel guilty for not eating everything that’s put in front me.

If all else fails and you’re in Los Angeles, you can join me on the hike at Runyan Canyon on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Click here for all of the info. If you’re not in L.A., organize your own walk or hike with a group of friends or family members to be repeated over the next couple of days.

You can do it, just like I know I can do it, and together we’ll get through it. Be strong, the temptation will be out there.

The photos below are from Sunday’s regular hike…enjoy!