So last night, I finally made it to my hip-hop class at 24 Hour Fitness.

Originally, the plan was to meet two of my friends there but only one actually ended up making it and boy oh boy did we have a good time.

So, I realized that I am the world’s greatest hip-hop dancer in the confines of my home, but the skills magically disappear in a group setting and I become this clumsy dancer with two left feet.  Who knew, lol.  But that didn’t stop me from making a try at the routine, for 60 whole minutes!

It was funny to me how I couldn’t seem to keep up with any of the moves, but I knew I had rhythm and knew how to dance.  Maybe it was the pressure of having so many people in the room, I don’t know.  There were about 5 Blacks out of about 30 people and I felt like I let us down.  Lol.  I swear, had you all seen me, you would have been shaking your head.

So at the end of the class I go up to the instructor, who by the way is an excellent dancer that set my gaydar off, but that’s a whole other subject, anyway, I went up to him and asked him if this routine we were learning was the same routine on the video.  I’m thinking, I’ll get the video, practice at home and come back Monday and kick some ass, baaaabbbbbbyyyyy.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same routine.  So then, I ask, ok so who sings the song so I can download it in iTunes and practice at home.   I almost choked when he said Beenie Man, lol.  All that time I was dancing, I was dancing to one of the most homophobic musicians on Earth.  So I said to him, “Beenie Man’s homophobic ass?”  and he just gave me this blank stare, like what?  My friend and I had a good laugh on that one all the way out of the gym.