Okay so, a quick note on the weight loss thing. Still weighing in at 165 pounds. I can’t seem to get back to 160, but at least I am trying. I just need to try harder…

Over the weekend, I attended the CA NAACP’s statewide dinner up in San Francisco. Now I had originally planned to wear a little black cocktail dress—that was until my girl Kenny, who is the owner of the Spice Salon where I get my hair done—stepped in and changed my plans.

Let me first tell you a bit about Kenny. She’s originally from Nigeria and has impeccable taste in clothing, not to mention, she’s beautiful. Mostly original designs from Nigeria, Kenny’s dresses leave a lasting impression that isn’t soon forgotten. So when Kenny said that she had a dress for me to wear to the dinner—I knew it was on and popping.

Since Kenny and I are the same size—I had no problem sliding into the red number I wore to the dinner Saturday night. And thanks to Kenny, I was the belle of the ball! I received so many compliments on the dress. My favorites though came from the Speaker herself Karen Bass—who might I add, look quite stunning herself, CA NAACP Statewide Conference president Alice Huffman, and Los Angeles Assemblymember Mike Davis—who apparently didn’t know I could dress up when I needed too, lol. It’s all good.

And even though the 4 ¼ quarter heels I was sportin’ were killing my feet at the end of the night, it was all worth it.

Every now and then a girl needs to get all dressed up and just strut. It does the body and the soul good. I could really see all of my hard work and hours on the tennis courts when I put this dress on.

So shout outs to Kenny for always having a sista’s back and my date for the night, my co-worker, Warren Quann.

I already picked out my material for a few dresses from Kenny’s Nigerian designer friend that I will be sportin’ on the red carpet this fall and winter…