Weight Loss Diary: The Red Dress and Pumps


Okay so, a quick note on the weight loss thing. Still weighing in at 165 pounds. I can’t seem to get back to 160, but at least I am trying. I just need to try harder…

Over the weekend, I attended the CA NAACP’s statewide dinner up in San Francisco. Now I had originally planned to wear a little black cocktail dress—that was until my girl Kenny, who is the owner of the Spice Salon where I get my hair done—stepped in and changed my plans.

Let me first tell you a bit about Kenny. She’s originally from Nigeria and has impeccable taste in clothing, not to mention, she’s beautiful. Mostly original designs from Nigeria, Kenny’s dresses leave a lasting impression that isn’t soon forgotten. So when Kenny said that she had a dress for me to wear to the dinner—I knew it was on and popping.

Since Kenny and I are the same size—I had no problem sliding into the red number I wore to the dinner Saturday night. And thanks to Kenny, I was the belle of the ball! I received so many compliments on the dress. My favorites though came from the Speaker herself Karen Bass—who might I add, look quite stunning herself, CA NAACP Statewide Conference president Alice Huffman, and Los Angeles Assemblymember Mike Davis—who apparently didn’t know I could dress up when I needed too, lol. It’s all good.

And even though the 4 ¼ quarter heels I was sportin’ were killing my feet at the end of the night, it was all worth it.

Every now and then a girl needs to get all dressed up and just strut. It does the body and the soul good. I could really see all of my hard work and hours on the tennis courts when I put this dress on.

So shout outs to Kenny for always having a sista’s back and my date for the night, my co-worker, Warren Quann.

I already picked out my material for a few dresses from Kenny’s Nigerian designer friend that I will be sportin’ on the red carpet this fall and winter…

The Court of Public Opinion


    Ms. Jasmyne you look absoulutely divine diva!

  • Jack Garvey

    Attractiveness is not limited by sexuality. Jasmyne, you will reduce your weight to 160 pounds. Keep dressing yourself in attractive clothing, and your mind will convince your body that reduction will increase beauty.

  • Jack Garvey

    Try this exercise to reduce weight: clench toes,tighten buttocks,
    clench stomach,clench fingers and bring fingers together at belly button. Hold for thirty seconds, rest for fifteen seconds. New muscle will help you digest food quicker, and your added speed will create a smaller tennis court. By the way, although I lack the ability to run, or stay on my feet for longer than ten minutes, my physical statistics are:
    Height: 5′ 9″
    Weight: 175 lbs.

  • Jack Garvey

    forget viagra,
    stimulate penis veins

  • that red dress is gorgeous. you’ll make it to 160, just stay persistent!

    i am struggling to shed some weight and your blog has been a friendly reminder that hard work yields results. thanks for that.

    also this page is a great resource for black and lgbt issues. i didn’t realize how distant i’ve grown from both. it is quite nice to catch up.

    i’ll definitely be back. take care. 🙂


  • Formidable Frost

    Sexy… Sexy… Work it lady.. YOu look classy, elegant and gorgeous.

  • SOE


  • Shelagh

    You seem like such a sweet, beautiful woman. Don’t worry about pounds, I wish I had glutes like that…

  • Jack Garvey

    New exercise_
    Sit w/ knees shoulder length apart
    inhale as bring knees together, releasing stomach
    exhale, clench stomach, and spread knees
    a sitting kegel